buyer beware fake company!!!!

pwills1596February 12, 2009

I found this fake Murphy bed company over the weekend and figured I should warn potential buyers. I plan to purchase of Old Creek Wall Bed Factory and have been researching Murphy beds extensively, when I stumbled upon the company:, they have stolen images from other companies and passing these products off as their own. At first I was tempted to purchase at such a rock bottom price, but after I further looked into the company I realized it could be a potential scam.

I tried calling their number several times over several days, no one ever picks up or returns voicemails, you can purchase online but there is no way I am giving m money to a company that doesn't pick up the phone ever.

I warn everyone not to make a purchase from them without doing your homework!

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Janice, how do you know that what pwills said is true? You are passing judgement by calling them irresponsible and nonprofessional, but how do you know that pwills isn't a scammer out to get a competitor? This person just registered moments before posting.

A quick google search shows that EVERYTHING ever posted by a pwills1596 is a recommendation for a competing murphy bed website. And, pwills1596 is registered on one website as a Seattle resident. Seattle is the home of, which has a business agreement with the site that pwills1596 promotes. Again, google reveals all.

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Good catch....:-0

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Thanks, but I completely missed that janicejan was promoting an unrelated business website in the process, and at the expense of another business that can't defend themselves. Such talk on a public message board casts a shadow on all these businesses, whether deserved or not. Sadly, this is what this board has been reduced to.

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This is not true about this company, they might be smaller than most but get the job done right. There is no Fraud at all, this is very very untrue I have purchased a bed through them and it was perfect and the cheapest one out there, don't make assumptions off one phone call go harrass some other company that no one cares about. Go try to ruin some other company MRS: JaniceJan

Here is a link that might be useful: yourmurphybed

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You purchased a bed through them yet your email address is the company's email address. Please correct me if I'm wrong, otherwise you have just undone every bit of help you've received here, and if that is the case I am sorry I defended you.

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I have made a purchase from this so called company called back in Feb. 2009 and have yet to receive it. Have called the company several times and can't get thru with shipping phone number but when talked to someone from the sales number I have been informed that they were getting the bed on monday and would ship it out to me then. They told me when they shipped it they would send me a email with the tracking number and I never got that. And now it's the middle of April and I have no bed and they already took the money out of my credit card. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT TO BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE SCAMMERS !!!

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DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!! I had the same problem as the post before me. They said 15-25 business days. It took over 40. After several phone calls it finally arrived damaged. This ship it wrapped in paper! How do you expect it not to be damaged! I returned the bed and 6 weeks later no refund. $950! They are definately a scam!!! I have filed a complaint with the BBB and am currently pursuning legal action.

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I cannot say that this business is totally fraudulent due to there being one message posted here that states a customer did receive a bed (although quite late and damaged). But I will assert that, if this is indeed a legitimate company, it is the most poorly managed that I have ever seen! We ordered a bed for $1439.99 on June 6, 2009. We were told it would take about 15-25 days to receive. By late-June, we were getting anxious that it had yet to be shipped. We tried contacting the business by phone, we were always told our bed had "just missed" that day's shipment and would be out with the next pick-up. After 45 days of waiting and being delayed as described three separate times, we were angry and tried again to contact the company by phone. For three and a half days, no one picked up the phone in any of the company's three departments. We left numerous voicemails and emails- none of which were returned. It was at this time that we got online and discovered this forum. We got scared and contacted the Better Business Bureau, where we found already had a complaint against them. We filed a complaint ourselves and called back to the company, where they suddenly (and unexpectedly) answered the phone. We told them we were angry and wanted a refund. "Aaron" took that message and said he would relay it to "Brandon" who would then contact us the same day to give a refund. And as suspected, Brandon never called us. However, we called our bank and described to them the shady circumstances and the bank refunded our money! I would suggest any of the other people who have been scammed by this "business" to do the same with their own banks.

Hindsight is always 20/20. Here's some of the details of the situation that should have been red flags to us:

1- the beds being "sold" were almost half the price of beds on most other sites (if it looks too good to be true, it probably is)

2- the website was very simple. it had only a few pictures (which we can confirm were copied and pasted from other manufacturers)and little information

3- we tried purchasing online. we got an email the next day saying it did not go through and that we needed to call. we then gave our information over the phone (this may or may not be an example of the company's shady-ness, but... it was strange)

4- we did receive automated emails early on that listed the business's phone number incorrectly

5- "Brandon Dragon" that posted here as a customer was the same manager or owner of that we dealt with. I can understand writing to defend your company, but why would you pose as a customer?

6- every time we called the company, the automated prompter always stated a message that the business would be closed for a week in April and it listed the dates. most people would agree, good business practices would not include leaving a 3+ month outdated greeting on its phone system. who knows-- maybe these are college kids and that was the week of spring break-?!

7- We ordered all kinds of optional upgrades that totalled $1439.99 but the company only charged us an even $1400. What kind of business do you know that charges you less without making sure you know they are cutting you a sweet deal based on some very specific promotion/discount?

Through all of this, we've learned to always check with the BBB when contemplating making an online purchase with an unfamiliar vendor.

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