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mmmoellerFebruary 8, 2012

I'm remodeling a forclosed home and plan to put in hardwood. We have been searching for the correct color and style of flooring. I've see quite a few pics of the Amendoim flooring (brazilian oak). Many online vendors have it available, but only 1 lists it properly as "Clear" grade. They are also very reasonable in price, but I have found no good reference for them. "The Discount Hardwood Flooring Co". Does anyone have good pics of Amendoim or a reference for an online seller. I've also considered "Brazilian Direct", but have read a bad review.

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did you buy your floor from Brazilian Direct?

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I did finally purchase 1 box of flooring before ordering 1500sqft. The milling and finish on the single box was outstanding.

It has yet to be installed. I'm letting the flooring acclimate for the full 2 weeks. I'm monitoring the humidity level of the home with a simple battery operated temp/humidity gauge.

I'll take some pics once it't in

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Here are some Amendoim pics to share with everyone who is interested in knowing what it's like in room scenes

Here is a link that might be useful: Amendoim Flooring room scenes

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