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WolfpackmomFebruary 1, 2013

I am going to start shopping/looking for leather furniture. Our budget is not top of the line but not cheap either. We have 3 dogs that are on and off the furniture. We do not have any children at home (only when one comes home from college). Sofa and chair/recliner. Any suggestions on brand, type of leather, what questions I should be asking salesman, what I can expect to pay, etc... Any help is greatly appreciated!

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First question I have is how many years do you expect or hope a recliner/motion sofa-chair combination should last? Just referring to the frame and metal mechanism itself and not the leather.

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rmanbike - thank you for the follow up! I won't be getting a reclining sofa - it is going to depend on price if I go with a chair and ottoman or a recliner. I am typically the only person that sits in the room the furniture will be in. If it's a recliner - it may be sat in and reclined a couple of times a week. I will want the furniture to last some time - hard to put an exact time to it, but I would not plan to purchase again for a long time. Hope that helps...?

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Stationary upholstery is aways a better investment compared to motion. Motion will always have some wear on the mechanism each time you sit down.
Leather and some dogs dont mix together well, its not that common but can be a uphill battle for some that do. Might should check some pet forums and experts on this.
Their is much information on these forum and on the web for purchasing quality upholstery. Start first deciding between fabric or leather.
Choose from a manufacturer that you can call and talk to, but keep in mind the point of purchase will best determine the level of customer support you will have.

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You may want to consider Taylor King and Massoud. Both companies make sofas with excellent frames and tailoring. I am not that familiar with their leather selections but hopefully you can find a dealer that carries one or both of these manufacturers.

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There are numerous things to think about when purchasing leather furniture for your home. Since you will obviously want to feel comfortable in your furniture, you will need to look around and decide which grade leather you want. The higher the grade the more expensive the pieces will be, however they will also look better and be more comfortable for you to sit or lye down in.By investing in high grade leather furniture, you will be saving yourself a lot of money in replacements over the following years.There are many different types of leather furniture to look through, so make sure you take the time to find what you want.

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joseph004 - Is there a few companies that you would recommend and a those that you would stay away from? There is just soo much out there...it is overwhelming. It's a big expense for me and I want to get it right, I can look around all I want, but I don't know what I am doing and what I am looking for.

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