adapter or 6 inch all the way?

ramackJuly 27, 2011

I am putting in a 65000 BTU wood stove with a 6 inch flue. This will be replacing a Heatilator which has a triple wall 12 inch O.D., 8 inch I.D. steel chimney. Could I use a 6-8 inch adapter from the stove to the chimney, or do I need 6 inch pipe all the way out? This is a 15 foot straight vertical chimney.

The place I bought the stove is telling me I need 6 inch all the way. I'm thinking that I can use an adapter from the 6 inch stove pipe to the 8 inch chimney pipe.


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You need the 6 inch all the way up to maintain a proper draft. And there should be insulation surrounding the insert to maintain heat in the flue to keep the draft.

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What type of insulation material? Vermiculite?

Looks like I am going to need the 6" all the way. The current Heatilator doesn't appear to be rated for 2100F.

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The brand name is Kaowool. It's a white ceramic fiber insulation and is used in places where heat is a concern, like power plants.

But why are you looking at 2100 degrees? The normal surface temperature of a well running stove is +/- 600 degrees. And today's modern stoves either use a CAT or secondary combustion to retain the heat and prevent that heat from escaping up the flue. Lost heat is lost money.

What brand is the stove?

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