Please help with fireplace remodel

JAWRIG2292July 29, 2014

Can anyone suggest a good color and/or pattern to replace the tile on this fireplace? I would like to keep the oak color, but I would also consider painting the fireplace white. If I could keep the oak color, I would prefer to do that.

Thanks for any help, I am color blind so its hard for me to find good matches and I'm not very designer minded.

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Hi there!
Well, I would go with beige; I think twilight taupe or country beige would work also.
Would also fit your carpet better!

I wouldn't paint the wood - it's beautiful as is.

You could also try some fireplaces paint kits if you don't want to replace the tile (though I am not sure if it works). It worked for my brick fireplace, but for tile, don't know for sure.

Good luck! :)

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I like the look the way it is!

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It's a nice neutral now. You might want to add accessories to the mantel and on the floor then evaluate whether you still want to change the tile.

If you want to make the tile 'disappear', you could paint the tile black. Go to a (non-big box) paint store, like Dunn-Edwards or Sherwinn-Williams. They will be able to recommend the right paint for painting tile. I had a bright patterned Mexican tile around my fireplace that didn't work with anything in my family room. I primed and painted it (and the mantel) a neutral taupe over 20 years ago, and it still looks the same as the day I painted it.

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