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Whit461February 14, 2013

We are remodleing the kitchen and opening it up to the DR. I am planning on pulling up the old harwood floor in the kitchen and replacing it with new hardwood. Width is not the problem, I am worried about the thickness. Everywhere I read, new floor comes up to 3/4" thick. I measured this morning and our floors are 7/8" thick. Big difference. Is 3/4 really 7/8? Should I use a thinner floor and place some underlayment or sheething down to build it up? Help!

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I have never seen 7/8" thick wood flooring but I guess anything's possible. Probably the easiest thing to do would be to use 3/4" thick floor and shim as needed using roofing felt.

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It's an old house and many of the materials are of odd or older sizes. For example, in our house, a 2x4 measures 2x4. I was able to use a carpenter's measure and confirmed twice the wood flooring height as 7/8. Long talk with DW over a bottle of Sav Blanc and we decided to stay with the old floor and do as much as we can to clean it up and refinish.

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Use luon sheets to raise it up will be better then shims. Luon is less then 1/4" or double up on rosin paper.

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#30 roofing felt would work ideally. May need to adjust accordingly along with #15. Rosin paper is too thin, would become too cushioned...potential squeaks

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