Is a Mt. Laurel contribution tax deductible?

crouchApril 11, 2007

In NJ, there's a statewide affordable housing initiative that grew out of a case involving the town of Mt. Laurel. As a practical matter, it requires those building new homes to make a monetary contribution to their town so that the town can fulfill its court-ordered requirement to provide affordable housing.

My wife and I recently built a home and had to pay this fee, which was approximately $2000.

Does anyone know whether this contribution is tax deductible at the federal or state level and if so, where I would claim it? I've performed a Google search but didn't find anything.

Much obliged to anyone who can help.

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Doesn't sound tax-deductible to me. I would say it's not a contribution since it's required and is an assessment on new homes.

Who did you write the check out to? Call them and if they say it is deductible you will need to get a written receipt from them that clearly states it's a tax-deductible contribution.

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Smells a lot like an aditional levy/tax to me.

Did it go to city hall? If so, ask them. And if it went to them and the first person that yu ask doesn't know, try to find what department deals with it and ask them ... likely someone there will know.

Are there others near you in the same boat?

Maybe they can lend a hand with the paddling: pick their brain.

In this area, we get some (Provincial) tax credit (which doesn't work for high income folks) relative to rent or property taxes paid. We don't have municipal income tax.

Good luck in finding an answer to your question - without too much chasing.

ole joyful

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