Cork or Bamboo

secsteveFebruary 22, 2011

I am in the process of redoing the kitchen floor and the foyer entrance. I was thinking of cork for both but in talking to the contractor last night she asked if I had considered stranded bamboo. Never even heard of it.

I did check for messages here and got some good insight, but would still like to hear from those of you who have either cork or bamboo and how you like it and how it's holding up.


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The strand woven bamboo will probably be more durable. It is made with strands of dried Bamboo and usually a low voc adhesive. Then heat pressed with 1500lb+ of pressure. Making it extremely dense, more so than other hardwoods. It can still scratch and dent but not as easy as other Bamboo or Hardwoods.
Cork is softer under foot. Very comfortable. More susceptible to scratches. Can yellow or fade with lots of light. Very quiet. Very environmentally friendly. Entirely renewable material.

Hope this helps.

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If you were thinking of cork, why is someone telling you to think about bamboo? apples to oranges to say the least. A cork person doesent normally want bamboo. Unless it is the green experience that turns them on. And I am still trying to figure why bamboo is any greener than any other harvest controlled wood. Again just my honest opinion. PS. by the way..I absolutely love cork as a product, although we sell very little of it. Good Luck

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Thanks floortech.

I'm not necessarily hooked on cork, but had heard a lot about it. The contractor was trying to be helpful when she mentioned bamboo, not trying to change my mind or anything. They just wanted to let me know there are other options and the pros and cons of both. I appreciate that type of advice and they weren't pushy about which to choose.

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Did you ever make a decision on this? If so, which way did you go and are you happy with the decision? I'm debating the same thing right now.

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