Outdoor glass fireplace - burner advice needed

jeffandpamsmithJuly 3, 2011

I have an old copper tank from a hot water heater. It's 40 years old, and my dad cut it in half lengthwise so my brother and I are building 2 gas firepits. They would be 60"long x17" wide. They lay flat like horse drinking troughs, and the lacquer he put on it 40 years ago keeps them a copper color still after even 20 years outside as "flowerpots".

We will fill them 1/2 way up with white silica/sand, lay the burners on top, and put about 3" of fireglass on top.

Here's the question. The glass fireplace sites sell a 36" H-shaped burner (2 36" pipes 7" apart) for about $108 each.


But burners for grills can be had for about $70, using 2 burners each 19" x 7".


They seem to have more holes, and once covered I would think they would work as well. Flame volume would be adjusted by the gas flow, but I would think I could get more spread with these, and could move them a bit apart to fill more of the 60" trough. I would just need to run a split feeder line.

Any thoughts, words of wisdom, etc would be welcome.


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