Tempur-Pedic VS. Bragada VS. Dormia

surfingcaliforniaFebruary 1, 2008


Which memory foam mattress should I buy?

I am looking into purchasing the Vellaggio By Bragada® Queen Mattress & Foundation, but I wanted some additional feedback from others that have purchased a memory foam mattress. Should I buy a Tempur-Pedic set, a Dormia set or is Bragada just as good? Please call me @ 858-518-5461 if you have any info or Email me @ surfingcaliforniacoastline@gmail.com.


Charles Jarzynka

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Memory foam is the worst! Have you actually tried one for any period of time? Yes, it conforms to your body, and that makes you perspire in bed. I'm sure there are some folks here that love theirs, but I personally put it in the category with waterbeds.

Duane Collie

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I sleep on a Tempurpedic and love it. I once had a waterbed too, no comparison. Dormia is made in China by a contract supplier. Tempurpedic on the other hand owns their factories, they control every aspect of manufacturing, and its made here in the US. I don't know the other brand. Go with the Tempurpedic.

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I have had a tempurpedic Rhapsody bed for the last 60 days. I will call them tomorrow to have it picked up. Too hot.

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I purchased a Simmons Naturalcare Latex yesterday from Sleep Experts. Replacing a Temperpedic due to being too HOT.

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We bought our tempur-pedic bed (Rhapsody) and had it delivered March 1. It changed our lives. Whatever we were doing before, it wasn't sleeping. My husband was skeptical, and tends to be a hot sleeper in general, but now he is like an evangelist when it comes to converting people to the Tempur-pedic mattress. We both love it -- I can't say enough good things about it.

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you should check out latex. it is softer than memory foam and not as hot. my parents have a memory foam mattress topper (about 3 inches, i think) and although it is comfortable, it is very frustrating to sleep on. i find myself kicking off the covers because i'm hot, but then covering up because the outside temp is cold.
we are buying a latex mattress from serta.
good luck with your search!

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Thanks for all the info that everyone has already posted. I sent Bragada several emails asking tons of questions but nobody ever returned a call or a reply. So I must assume they are not going to be very helpful if I had a problem and needed to return it. So I have decided to wait and buy something from a local retailer. As for the Hot or Not, I am still waiting to hear from more people so please continue to post your stories and I appreciate all that have contributed thus far.

Charles Jarzynka

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tucker, how is the Simmons NaturalCare working out? Does it sleep hot? Which model did you get?

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After about 18 years with a top-of-the-line Sealy we extensively checked out memory foam mattresses and bought a mid-priced Bragada Waldorf. We've had it over two years and it's terrific. It's made at Bragada's factory and a much better value than Tempurpedic. There are others made in the USA and all the major manufacturers have their own line.

Whichever you choose try and bargain on the phone and they may lower the price, throw in extras such as pillows, or give you a break on shipping. Not a sure thing but worth a try.

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I hope I am posting this in time for you to see!

I can tell you first hand that Bragada foam mattresses are amazing, and cost way less than Tempur-Pedic. You will not get hot (they use silk covering, helps keep it cool) at all. I am the type of person who cannot stand heat, my ideal day is 60 or below :P, so that was my number one concern when purchasing a bed (aside from cost).

I'm sure Tempur-Pedics are really nice, but why pay almost double the price? I purchased my queen a year ago from Bragada for just under 900.00 with a box spring. At that time, a comparable bed from Tempur-Pedic was around 1400.00. Of course, by now, the prices could look much different, I came in on a good sale :).

I have been totally satisfied with bragada, and their customer service is pretty good (in my experience so far).

I don't know anything about Dormia though, sorry :(

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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Well I still haven't decided just yet which one to buy but I am very close and should make my decision by December 2008. I still want to thank all that had added a reply and I will update this post once I decide. Thanks again CJ...

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Some friends of mine bought a Bragada in May. They said it did sleep a little bit warmer (she did), he says 'no it doesn't). I was there when it was delivered- I thought it would not be comfortable, as the mattress was wrapped and 'squeezed'- like the Space Bags. It was only about 4 inches thick! When the plastic was taken off, it filled out to about 8-10 inches thick. The husband used to sell beds at a large chain store. They said it was 1/2 the price- and they love it. They love it so much that they saved all the literature for me, because they think I should get one!

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I weigh 185 and my Wife weighs about a 110 and after about 6 months of sleeping on this bed There was a crater on both sides. I sent detailed pictures with measurements showing over a 3 inch indent... as per instructed and then i got an email saying send us the mattress at your expence so that our experts can determine if the mattress is bad... My 6 year old nephew could tell that the mattress was beyond bad... This is not a blender it is a 300 pound mattress and there responce was call a freight company. Completely rediculous. PS the Bragada rep who told me all I had to do is send in pics showing the crater is conveniently not working for the company anymore.
PS my brother has a REAL Temperpedic and it doesnt sag at all... DONT BUY A CHEAP KNOCK OFF

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OK, I finally made a decision and purchased a new memory foam mattress. I Checked out every model available and I do mean EVERY! After a year of research I purchased the
Sweda Gran Reserve from Jerome's Furniture
and I have been sleeping on it for 3 months now and I have to say I love it! I sleep so solid now and I wake up totally refreshed without the usual pains.
I know many of you are still deciding which one to buy but if you are near a Jerome's, go stop in and try this one out... It is the best decision you will make!

Good Luck and happy sleep to all of you,
Charles Jarzynka

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