Heat n' Glo Escape - too hot on lowest setting?

linley1July 19, 2008

I am looking for a clean face gas fireplace and considering the Heat n' Glo Escape 42". I like the fireplace for its looks but I am concerned about it being too hot even at its lowest setting of 35,000 btus.

We used to have a wood burning fireplace and I enjoyed sitting by it but it seems like some of these gas units get really hot. I just don't have any sense of how hot 35,000 btus is. I have a large living room with 12' ceilings which is fairly open, could I sit within a few feet of the fireplace comfortably with it on for 45 minutes to an hour or will I be roasting in that amount of time?

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IMO, I don't think the gas fireplace burn hotter than wood, but a gas fp will maintain constant heat though. I would put it on a thermastat to control the temp.
I nap in front of my gas stove all the time.

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Here in North Carolina we have found that our Jotul DV gas insert can feel like a blast furnace sometimes. the remote control thermostat is a big help in controlling things. After some trial and error in figuring out where best to place the thermostat and what the temperature setting should be, you will have an optimal comfort level with minimal variation in temperature.

About 35K BTUs: I think there's a formula that give you a rough idea of how much space that capacity is intended for. I don't know it, but I'm sure it's available somewhere on the web. Do a google search. I would also make sure the unit you purchase has adjustable gas jets, so that you can set them low or medium if the max setting puts out too much heat.

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