What grain wood laminate goes with oak cabinets?.

mary44February 12, 2009

I will be getting a would laminate in my kichen. I currently have a galley kitchen with a medium color oak cabinets and my table is also oak. What grain floors and color tones compliment oak?? I really don't want oak floor I think it is too muck oak and might look country and my house is more traditional/transitional style. Would love to see some of your pics for inspiration. I have some pictures to post but have to figure out how to do it. The copy and paste function did not work. I am a new member to gardenweb and still learning!

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I'm not really sure that any laminate wood would look good against real wood. I think if your cabinets were painted white you could get away with it, but laminate only looks good if you can't compare it to the real thing. Have you thought about slate or stone laminate? I have seen that and it looks fantastic!

You have to load your pictures on a host site like Photobucket and then put the code here for pictures to show up. If you use photobucket, it will give you 4 little code boxes under each picture. Copy and paste the contents of the 3rd box into your Gardenweb post.

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I also agree that a stone laminate may look nice against your oak floor. Pictures would help.

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Sorry, I meant a stone laminate floor would look nice against your oak cabinets. The phone rang and I accidentally clicked send.

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Oak on Oak.

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avaclark, is your floor real wood or an oak laminate? It looks nice!

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I love the look of the oak floor with the oak cabinets. Is this a solid wood oak, an engineered wood oak or oak laminate?

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I too have oak floors (solid wood) and oak cabinets. Would an oak dining table work?

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