need help on wood stove choice- lopi vrs scan

twocentsJuly 18, 2008

looking to purchase a wood stove for our home in Maine - won't be only heat source - but clearly hoping to use our oil furnace as little as possible.

The heated portion of the house is approx. 1300 sf. but the downstairs portion tha is primary concern is about 900 sf.

We are looking at the lopi republic 1750 - and the scan anderson 10. My husband is concerned that the scan is not be large enough and i am concerned that the size of the 1750 will make the room where we are installing the stove feel dwarfed.

am new to the forum AND wood stoves - so thanks in advance for advice

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Unless your house has too much insulation for your climate it is always best to oversize your stove. Remember you can always build a small fire in a bigger stove but not the other way around.

The only manufacturer I would avoid is Vermont Castings.

Hopefully you already have a cache of fully seasoned firewood. If not the performance of the stove will be disappointing.

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