Linear Fireplace Choices

rayboy01July 31, 2010

We are planning to remove the pellet stove in our living room and install a direct vent linear fireplace. We are looking at units by Heat and Glo (RED 40), Napolean, Regency, Montego, European Home, Halcyon, Sparks, and others. We are confused by the choices of makes and models. We are also finding that the premium being asked by suppliers for linear fireplaces seems to be troubling. Any advice on brands, models, installation tips, etc. would be most appreciated. So, in short, "Help!" Thanks!

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What did you end up doing? Am in same situation now and can't decide.

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wawawoo - what brands have you been looking at?

We have been shopping for a see-thru linear fireplace for new home. We are in Texas and there are limited dealers here.

There seem to be about three levels available - the "price is no object" crowd, mid-range in quality, and lower end stuff that may or may not be quality.

We want a more modern style and that has ruled out some of the models.

The current list has:
heat-n-glo Red-40
Monessen Serenede See- thru (or Majestic Echelon see-thru - same fireplace)

Do you have others one your list? Some of the are available for pretty good discounts on ebay or internet dealers.

Note that installation can be pretty high cost for any of these units.


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I was hoping you'd have found a fabulous, yet inexpensive, solution by now and I could just copy you! We are in TX too - there really isn't much choice, possibly because we don't really need a fireplace to function too often!

We have actually changed our mind in the last few days and are now thinking about installing a modern wood stove, just so that we don't need to worry about finding the perfect linear fire that fits in the space that we would be building - all the ones we like, and that are a good size for what we want, are crazy expensive.

Having said that, modern stoves are not cheap either. But we think it will heat up the whole of downstairs on the few cold evenings we get, and it will allow us more flexibility in terms of where the TV goes. And it adds a bit more character rather than a blank black rectangle on the wall when it's not in use.

Perhaps I should be asking why you are getting rid of your stove and replacing with a linear?

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natural gas easier than wood :).

We need direct vent either way. Even the least powerful gas fireplace can heat the fairly small space enclosing it.

Some of the fancy linear fireplaces has LEDs in the bottom to provide ambiance when not is use.

The installation costs were the big surprise - around $3k per fireplace.

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