Does anyone hate/regret your cork flooring?

sdlacrowFebruary 1, 2008

We are strongly leaning towards cork flooring in at least the kitchen and likely the great room and dining room also for our new house and was wondering if anyone who has cork now wish you didn't and for what reasons? Also, if there are any particular brands that are great or that you'd stay away from? We actually have several flooring stores that carry cork now so that has been a change from the past couple years. I've really like some of the patterns and the very large number of colors available from Duro-Design but I'm a little concerned about finding someone to install them (although it doesn't look all that complicated).

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I have sold and installed 1000's of sq ft of cork flooring and never had anyone completely regret their decision.
You have to be realistic about your lifestyle and cleaning habits though.
Just like a standard hardwood floor, cork flooring needs to be kept clean. Sand, grit and moisture are the the worst enemies. If you sweep or vacuum on a regular basis, use rugs at the entry areas and keep pads on chair legs, you will love your cork flooring for many years.
Also, just like standard hardwood floors, cork can be sanded and refinished down the road someday.
I have had good luck with Qu-Cork. Not a big line of colors, but a quality product.
I've also sold Natural Cork.
I always recommend looking for a "natural" color rather than a "stained" color when selecting any wood or cork product. Simply because scratches and wear will be more obvious in stained colors. If you deeply scratch a natural color, you will only see the same color underneath.
Cork installation is reletively easy if you have a good saw and other basic tools. May have to pick up an "undercut" or "jamb" saw to float the floor through doorways. Never cut around doorjambs and casings! very sloppy.
I just finished a project for a retired farm couple where we put cork in the kitchen, dining room and down the hallway to the bedrooms and office. She loves it for the comfort, quietness and easy maintenance. She only regrets that we put carpet in the family room and office instead of continuing with the cork.
Again, be realistic about your home. Cork will handle alot of abuse, but should be treated somewhat carefully, like a solid wood floor.
good luck

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I have Marmoleum click in my kitchen. it's a three layer made of foam, then cork, topped with linoleum. It was installed July 2006.It's a "floating floor", installed over a sub-floor, layer of plain lineolum and a floor of place-and- press-tiles we DIY'ed in 1981. It was expensive, but I think worth it. the floor is beautiful, sturdy, good underfoot (it has some "give" so it's comfortable to walk on, and easy to keep clean (ten minutws a day to sweep then mop with a Swiffer wetJet) I love it!

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We have had our glue down tile cork floor in our kitchen for a year now. Still looks great, no regrets. We chose cork because our pool is just outside our kitchen and wanted something that wouldn't be too slippery and thought it would hold up better than hardwood with any drips from chlorine pool water. Added bonus: good for knees and back and is absolutley georgous! We went with the flooring company our builder recommended and they carried Solida Cork.

We are now considering cork for our family room to replace the carpet there. Am considering planks for this area.

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I'm still vacillating: my upper floor has a loft space that's a library/office, and my bedroom. I'd like cork, but I have radiant floor, so I'm told I ought to avoid glue down, and I worry that floating will be noisy, despite the cork.

It also bugs me that most of the cork I've been looking at has a paper thin wear layer over a cork composite cushion layer. If the roller of an office chair [or my bull terrier] digs in even a little, seems like it would cut the 'good' stuff and expose the crumbly layer.

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I was a little concerned with the thinness of the cork but no problems in my 1 year old kitchen. I cat with claws, 2 children 9 and 10. The pattern is so busy and has texture, it would be hard to see dings or digs. After the install they did leave some cork filler and glue to use if needed.

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We put down 1' X 2' glue down tiles in our bathrooms and laundry room about four years ago. We wound up having to replace both bathrooms due to moisture issues with the concrete slab (too much moisture coming up through the slab). The tiles began ballooning up in the center. Proper installation procedure was followed, a quality glue was used, a quality tile was used, and we still had problems. Our engineered wood floor had no moisture issues.

Overall, we liked the cork. It was soft, warm, quiet, and durable, but we had problems with it, but we would have had problems with sheet flooring as well.

Make sure you check the moisture content in more than one season if you have a slab!

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I have just had cork flooring tiles installed by a contractor in my bathroom. I am very disappointed because the seams have buckled . From my reasearch I now see that a coat of waterbased urathane is reccommended to aovid moisture proglems. There is no moisture underneathe I think it is because of water on the floor in the bathroom. does anyone have any idieas as to how to repair these raised seam lines? should I roll them and then try a coat of urathane or contact my contractor ank ask him why he did not do this or tell me that this still needed to be done?
with thanks

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