wood burning fireplaces

dede2July 24, 2008

Does anyone know of a pre-fab wood burning fireplace that uses smaller than a 12" flue?

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Do you want the fireplace for heat, or for looks? Because fireplaces are heat LOSERS. Commonly called "negative" heat. The room heat goes right up the chimney.
We had a "zero clearance" or prefab fireplace in our last house. It wasn't efficient at all so we installed a woodstove insert in it. The fireplace flue was 8 inches and the stove flue was 6 inches.
Now if you want the fireplace for heat, then look into an airtight fireplace from the woodstove manufacturers. They look JUST like a fireplace but are heaters. And they have 6 inch flues.

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The area of a chimney flue is determined by the area of the fireplace opening so you only need to get a small fireplace.

One brand of prefab wood burning fireplace with a 36" wide and 29" high firebox opening has a 10" inside and 15" outside metal chimney diameter.

I like the "negative heat" idea. From a wood stove brochure no doubt.

Any wood burning appliance that opens up so you can see the fire will have a larger flue than a heating stove or the room would fill with smoke.

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there are two classifications decorative meaning just that most of the heat goes up the chimney
The other classification is high efficiency Essentially it is a wood stove fireplace listed with an Epa efficiency rating If you are looking for a positive heat gain then purchase an EPA rated fireplace If you don't care and want a negative heat loss t and only want aesthetics of a fireplace then purchase the decorative models not EPA rated. They tend to be much cheaper and made that way as well


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