american made solid wood furniture with nice carvings

clovermanFebruary 14, 2010

I am looking to buy good quality furniture with nice design features, like carvings.

All I see if chinese made furniture that looks nice but the quality is not good. I looked at Stickley & Audi and Harden NY but they look bland, compared to the chinese made furniture.

Are there any american made options with nice carvings and solid wood or furniture that will last longer. Or are there any chinese made sold with an american named company furniture that is good and will last long?

I am not loking for "cheaper" furniture, but quality furniture. If there are any such manufacturers, can I buy them direct or in North Carolina compared to buying it from show rooms?

Any suggestions welcome.

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I don't know what style of furniture you're looking for, but a couple of makers you might look at are Elijah Slocum Fine Cabinerty or The Federalist Hand Made Furniture or Julia Gray. Also, there is Burton-Ching who makes high quality Chinese furniture. Chinese made furniture is not automatically bad and American made furniture is not automatically good. It's just when the Chinese make furniture for American companies they sometimes like to cut corners.

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Some one 2010
Thank you for the information. They are beautiful furniture makers. Now I have to find the pieces that will work for me.

If you have any other suggestions please post them.


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Try Century. They are running one of the largest upper end manufacturing plants in North America and they can custom manufacture.

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Thank you. It does look nice.

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Is Century made in USA or madein China and sold under Century?

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Century Furniture is virtually all made in their plant in Hickory, NC. I'm sure there are a few items that are made off shore just as they are with Harden (Tapestry Collection and others) and Stickley (owns a plant in Viet Nam).

I don't think any manufacturer with a line of more than 50 pieces does everything in the US but unlike Henredon, Drexel-Heritage or say Thomasville that has shipped almost all thier wood manufacturing overseas Harden, Stickley and Century are making most of their products in the States.

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Thank you. I have found a few pieces that I really like under Century. Is there a place online or in NC where you can get the best deal for the Century furniture?

Also are you familiar with Butler furniture?


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Butler is a nice line that use to manufacture in the US (Chicago area I think) but now imports almost all of their line from main land China. They would be considered a specialty manufacturer since they focus on accent and occasional rather than complete bedrooms and dining rooms. Designs are nice but what I remember seeing looked like it was "off the shelf" meaning they were buying Chinese patterns that were offered to them from a catalog (off the shelf) rather than designing their own original designs. It doesn't matter if you like the piece, it just means that 10 other manufacturers (I use the term loosely, maybe I should say distributers) may be buying the same frame from the same Chinese company.

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It's hard to beat Henkel Harris for quality. Depending on the style you want, you may want to also consider Karges.

You can buy Henkel Harris in NC at discount prices; not sure about Karges.

Here is a link that might be useful: Henkel Harris

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I would suggest to go for Chinese furniture with American company. This will give you cheaper rates, good quality and peace of mind.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis

I misunderstood, right?

Peace of mind as in peace of mind from dealing with international arbitrators if something goes wrong importing?

Of peace of mind that whatever you bought was made at sub EPA standards?

How about peace of mind about the lead content of the "carvings"?

Peace of mind about redistributing some of your wealth out of the American economy and to supporting the Chinese military?

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I've been looking for bedroom furniture and one dealer suggested Mobel Furniture - solid wood - cherry and oak made in US. They also offer some custom work. Price is good too.

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