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mdmomof7February 19, 2008

This might seem strange, but here goes. I have been shopping for a leather sectional and think that I'm nearly ready to take the plunge on a Hancock and Moore Austin sectional.

Now the question, the frugal side of me has been searching Craigslist and Ebay to no avaial for a Hancock and Moore, but the photos I did see of sofas, even those labeled good condition, have me worried. All of them had seat cushions that showed considerable wear as far as the fit of the leather over the cushion. The leather appeared rumpled looking, stretched to the point of showing extra ripples across the seat cushions. Is this normal? I know our sectional will get heavy use in our family room. We are a large family and not easy on furniture, thus, the decision to go with a quality piece like Hancock and Moore. I hope it is build solid enough to handle our crew!

Anyhow...the point of this post is to inquire as to anyone's willingness to post photos of their quality leather sofas - Bradington Young, Hancock & Moore, etc. so that I could see what it will look like a few years down the road.

If this is too much to ask, I understand, but it would so help this hesitant buyer and I would very much appreciate it!

Thanks so much!

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Heh. This could be kinda fun.... O.K., so I grabbed my camera and went around and snapped photos of my older leather pieces (anything I've had 2 years or newer I didn't bother to include). Have a look for yourself, in particular pay notice to the re-dyed loveseat that I just did two weeks ago (link at bottom of message).

But to answer your question, YES the leather itself is going to stretch on the seat cushions. Won't matter who makes it, they all do it. But there are things you can do to minimize the effect:

* Buy the standard cushions, not the down

* Never let your kids jump on the sofa/sectional.

* If your seat cushions wear out (collapse) get new ones. They have a lifetime guarantee so there is no need to tolerate broken-down inserts. Easy to replace on most pieces.

* Thicker hides stretch less than thinner ones. Check the swatches when you order.

What you really want in a hard-use environment is a frame that doesn't fail, and springs that don't collapse. H&M will meet that need, as will other premium brands.

Remember what causes most leather to deteriorate is failure to protect it from direct sunlight, and failure to maintain a cleaning regimen. Leather must be cleaned, and 2x a year is a good schedule to adhere to.

I get tired of my leather before it wears out. I see something new - frame or hide - and have to have it. My 'green chair'by B-Y was just recently moved into my Library not because it was wearing out, but because I had to have a H&M Sadler recliner in Kipling Whiskey for my family room chair.

-Duane Collie

Here is a link that might be useful: Duanes older leather pieces.

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mdmomof7, I have leather couches that are about 20 years old - I think they are leather craft or something like that. They were expensive and I had about a choice of 400 colors to choose from. These couches still look nice after years of abuse and teenage pizza parties. I have 10 yo Ikea couches that still look like new. One key is the leather itself - beautiful soft top quality leather is gorgeous but too delicate for family and pet abuse. Look specifically for leather meant to take the abuse. Test the swatch with my Sky test - place water, oil, mustard, ketchup and anything else you have that can stain on the swatch and leave over night to dry. Use a scrubbie to scrub the mess off with out getting the swatch too wet. Take keys, a knive end and fork tines and try to scratch and dig holes in the swatch - if it still looks good after all that, it will live well in your home.

I know DC has tons of professional advice and I appreciate his depth of knowledge. I know that our leather is thicker and hasn't stretched much which is why it doesn't look all wrinkled. Our couches have no oily marks or stains which I've seen on some. In addition, look at how the cushions are attached and how easy it is to add new stuffing inserts. I haven't had to add any to my couches, but if I did, it's easy to do. My 20 yo couches have springs in the seats, I don't know how I would add stuffing to them if I needed to - I think I'd need a professional upholstery to deal with them.

Like DC, my furniture hasn't worn out, I'm tired of it so the 20 yo stuff is going to a good home with my handy man and the 10 yo stuff is going downstairs while I look for something new. My experience is leather is the easiest for a family and pets. I don't think if my couches were fabric they would look particularly nice - in fact I know they wouldn't. I know you'll love your leather too.


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Thanks so much for the photos, Duane! That's a big help!
Skypathway-That's what I need to hear, good for family and pets. Hope I do love the leather!

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thoughts999- How do you go about getting replacement cushions from Hancock and Moore? I did not see an email link on their site where I could inquire. We have the Somerset sofa and the cushions look awful. I would like to maybe replace the cushions and sell the sofa, unless replacing the cushions is so expensive it wouldn't be worth it. Overall, for anyone interested the Somerset sofa is very uncomfortable, I especially dislike the wooden arms. I guess the sofa would be okay in a very formal setting. If anyone is still interested I could post pics. of our cushions. We also just recently got two swivel upholstered rockers/recliners from Hancock and Moore, and although those are very pretty and comfy, the back cushion is already indented and that is with very little use and we have had for less than one year. The back cushion does not come off so there is no way to fluff. We haven't had the greatest experiences with Hancock and Moore. Our Bradington Young pieces have held up way better.

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