Cost reasonable for carpet and installation?

katrina_ellenFebruary 26, 2012

I just got a quote from a local flooring company for Shaw evertouch carpeting, it is from the Queen line, and is a high and low loop style called "Natural Beauty", it has the look of a natural fiber rug. The quote includes everything-taking out the old carpet and moving the furniture. The quote is 6.86 total per square foot. Anyone familiar with this carpet that can tell me if this is reasonable? Thanks!

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Its ok. seems around .75 a foot higher than my area, but it depends on a lot of factors as you know.

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What other factors would be part of the cost? They are quoting an 8lb. pad, the space is small, approximately 208 sq/ft and its for a room and a hallway. This is from a store that has been around since 1960 and family run. I know the carpet I choose is a little higher in price, not sure what they are charging for that a ft., but the padding is .39 a foot. I think the carpet is a little under $4. a foot.

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Ah, I should of read closer. We moved our own furniture and ripped out our own carpeting, so thats part of the difference.

In reality the labor cost is the great unknown. It varies wildly from region to region, and dealer to dealer and sometimes you DO NOT get what you pay for.

I would buy from a family owned store also. They have a vested interest in whats going on and IMHO actually take pride in whats going on.

This is one of those purchases where cost should not be the first consideration.

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63 bucks a yard seems pricey to me. Queen is a step down from tuftex and tuftex highest products are about that. So I believe the store is not being shy. But it is a small room.

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I thought the size of the room was probably a factor in the price. Thanks floortech.

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