Need gas insert advice - Kozy Heat or Fireplace Xtrordinair?

evgirlJuly 18, 2012

I am planning to put a gas insert in my zero clearance fireplace. So far the Fireplace Xtrordinair/Avalon/Lopi (Travis Industries) and Kozy Heat (Chaska) have been recommended. Does anyone have any experience/recommendations on these? I look the look of the Xtrordinair a bit better but it's also $800 more. They have both Ember-Fyre and Dancing-Fyre burners as a choice and I'm wondering which gives more/better flame (looks more like a wood fire). Also, has anyone had experience with black enamel liners? They look cool but I'm wondering how much they discolor over time and whether I'm better to just stick with a brick type liner. All of these are options on the FP Xtrordinair but for $800 less, I'm wondering if I'm better to just go with the Kozy Heat. Thanks!

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I sell both units. So from experience if it were my house I would go with FPX (Travis). Their products are much nicer and the fact that they are all manufactured in the U.S. makes them so much better to deal with if any problems ever arise. The black enamel will be fine over time. I think it makes the logs look bigger than the brick liners. However, a more traditional look is the brick. These are just cosmetic preferences! Good Luck!

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Thanks for the info. I liked the look of the black enamel as it seemed more contemporary (but not too odd) but I noticed a whitish area on the enamel liner near where the flame had been once the fire was off. It was faint but I could see it from across the room since it was white on black and was concerned about how bad that would become over time or whether there was any way to get rid of it (cleaner, new paint, etc.). Has anyone had a black enamel liner for a few years to see how it holds up?

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I second the FIreplace Xtrordinair. I have had mine for almost two years now and love it. Been very reliable, gives off a lot of heat, and looks nice too. I do have the brick liner as I like the more traditional look.


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