Disappointed with my new chair

JadedBaronessFebruary 6, 2014

We recently purchased a chair (and a sectional) from Bassett Furniture. It was quite a pricey purchase (compared to previous furniture purchases) but we were under the impression that we were choosing quality and the price would be worth it.

We chose fabrics for it and it arrived on time. The chair has wood arms and we chose it for both it's aesthetics, function (a recliner that doesn't look like one) and comfort. We *love* the look.

But the arms are chipping at the slightest bump. It now has 3 scratches/dents because of random bumps. Certainly those should not have been significant enough to cause this level of damage (one was a plastic ring my daughter was wearing, one was an ipad that bumped the corner and I have no idea where the third nick came from). I am nervous to think about what this chair will look like in a year if it has these marks after 3-4 short weeks.

I have tried 2 types/colors/brands of stain pen to try to fix the marks. They are not dark enough or thick enough to truly hide the marks. Does anyone have a recommendation of a thick, dark stain pen? Has anyone dealt with Bassett Furniture regarding issues such as this?

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Manufacturers at this price point is cutting every dollar they can to save costs. Most likely the arms are not made from any type of real hardwood. For the deeper dents or scratches, try "TimberMate" its a woodfiller that can be stained to match the color of the original finish.
But you should file a complaint with the retailer you purchased the chair from, as im sure your not the only one thats experiencing these issues.

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Ugh! I am sorry for you! Bassett furniture is the absolute worst! My husband and I attempted to buy a bedroom furniture set from them that was on clearance. Because it was on clearance we had different pieces of the set coming from different stores. After waiting a few months we only had one dresser sitting in our home and were told they no longer had our other pieces.

Well, what can we do with one dresser? We want a matching set. So we call and say we want to return it. After a few months of going back and forth with Bassett over this (they told us over and over they would not return the one dresser) we ended up loading the dresser in the back of our pick up and driving an hour and a half to the Bassett store. We wheeled it in there and my husband argued with the manager for half an hour and could not agree with the man. Ultimately my husband left the dresser in the store and called Visa to get his money back. Through Visa we were awarded the money back.

So, you could always load up the chair and call Visa! It's really not fair that they treat customers so poorly. We were very disappointed with that one dresser we had. The drawers didn't even open more than halfway.

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