fireplace blowers a thing of the past???

pfmastinJuly 8, 2006

We're looking to replace our existing logs/blower in our masonry fireplace with something that's more quiet and efficient. When we visited our first retailer (a home/patio store)today, the salesperson (naturally) wanted to sell us the top model of logs with a remote control, installation...yada, yada, yada. When we inquired about logs with a blower, he said they're a thing of the past. ??? After pressing further, he said he didn't think he carried any manually operated log systems. Has anyone else found this, or was he just trying to sell us the "dee-luxe" logs?

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I'm not sure what you're talking about. But in the past, about 20 years ago I installed in my wood burning masonry fireplace a grate that had tubes as part of the grate that a fan pushed air through and thus into the room. That one came from Sears the best I can remember.

Your seem to be talking about a gas log arrangement, and I'd suppose they too would be available with a blower, especially in these days of VERY HIGH energy costs. If the dealer can't offer an energy efficient system, go somewhere else.

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With gas logs a heat exchanger is probably the only way to get a good amount of heat into the home. Any time you're inserting a flame into an open masory chimney you have to have a way of circulating that air since the radiant heat tends to go straight up the chimney. My recommendation, ALWAYS get a blower or a heat exchanger.

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Fireplace blowers help keep warm air from the fireplace circulating throughout the room or home. It is a great way to save on your home heating costs and get the maximum amount of efficiency out of it. There are many different styles of fireplace blowers on the market, so do your research.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fireplace Blowers

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If you want to get really serious, energy efficient heat from your fireplace, you should look into a gas direct vent insert. They all come with blowers. They are costly. Prepare to spend about $2K. But they are the safest, most energy efficient systems on the market.

Do a search on this forum for direct vent to find out about it.

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This is a Longshot question, pfmastin :) I saw your before/after pics of your Painted Fireplace Brick and it's Beautiful! I've been trying to match the color you used. I know it's been a while~~Do you happen to remember the Brand & color you painted it?? Thanks SO Much :)

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