Auto/Homeowners insurance question

hannahApril 28, 2005

Hello all..I'm over from another forum here at GW, but I have a need for some solid advice concerning insurance cancellation.

I've had my Homeowners AND Auto Insurance, for 3 vehicles, with the same company for over 6 years. My parents, who are both gone now, had their Auto and Homeowners with this same company for 20 years plus.

I own two in this state, where my vehicles are registered, and another home 1200 miles away.

I was sent a notice of cancellation of BOTH policies, because I did not have a driver's license from the state in which my vehicles were registered.

This I I relinquished my 'out-of-state' license and obtained one from this state in which I'm living, even though I'm selling this house within the next couple of months.

My question is:

How can they/could they have cancelled my Homeowners as well???

What does one have to do with the other?

...and just for the record...I've had NO accidents in over 35 years and only 1 small claim to remove a tree that fell next to my house 3 years ago.

Thanks in advance...

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What was their reason in cancelling? I don't understand why they would cancel if you had a home and vehicle in the same state. We too had that problem, with a home in another state, but because we owned the 2nd home jointly with a relative, he got the insurance due to the fact he knew the agent personally. Then we we sold, we transfered our auto insurance to the new state, because then (3 years ago) and now, the companies are not renewing policies. Due to the fact some of the companies got hit big time due to disasters, they claim they are losing too much money--which I do not believe.
If you cannot get a satifactoy answer, call the main office, and then your state insurance commissioner. Just don't take--"""I don't really know why--or it was a head office disission""""Get names, phone numbes etc and let them know you are going to the state commissioner. Go to your department of motor vehicles and make sure their is nothing on your record. We found out after we had moved, the state where we came from, had listed that we had owned a certain car, that had been in a accident without insurance---We had never owned that car--but did not follow thru, because our agent had checked it out and found nothing. By the way, once that cancellation goes thru, it will be extremely hard to get new insurance at a reasonable price. GET TOUGH and demand answers!!!!
Good luck

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