Painting a brick fireplace to look like brick

quietlife3July 11, 2010

I have a brick fireplace surround from the 70's/80's and it's that weird multi-color brick stuff. I don't mind brick, but I don't really like the dark brown in this combo nor the busyness of it. I'm thinking of painting the bricks individually in the more common red brick tone. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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We also have a really old brick looking fireplace that looked like this:

It really made our room dark and look really old like an old cottage and not in a good way either. So my family and I resorted to painting it white so now it looks something like this:

I love it so much more like this now. It just totally brightens up the room. Have you considered painting it white? It might look really nice. But I don't know if you can clarify this for me or not but I've heard that since we painted it now we can't really use it because it might melt the paint and such. Not like we really ever use our fireplace at all so it's not really a concern but you might want to check out the specifics of that if you wanted to paint it.

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