6 Weeks to Fitness: Week #1

anele_gwApril 27, 2014

(A little eye candy-- if your eye candy is women, post some pics or let me know and I will find some)

I'm posting this a little early, just in case anyone wants to get their information in writing now. Technically, we start tomorrow, on Monday, April 28, but join in anytime!

You may want to include . . .

(1) Goal(s)
(2) Possible Obstacles
(3) Strengths/Ideas for Overcoming Obstacles

Resources (add them in your post, and I'll stick them up here)
-How to Exercise Without Really Trying: Reprinted from HB, 1963:

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(1) Goals

-Exercise every weekday for 20 minutes

-Alternate exercise as follows: one day floor work to develop flexibility and strength; one day cardio and endurance

(2) Possible Obstacles


-Knee pain

(3) Strengths/Ideas for Overcoming Obstacles

-Make lunches for family the night before to keep the morning free for exercise

-Go to bed by 11 p.m.

-Have DVD, clothes, etc. ready the night before

-Buy/read book relating to knee pain and apply

-If I feel knee pain developing, work only on upper body the next day, but continue working out whatever I can

I did it! I did 30 minutes of exercise using my "Ballet Beautiful" DVD, doing outer/inner thighs and arms. It was a pain to make lunches at night and I went to bed an hour too late, but I did it anyway and am glad I did. It was not a big deal to fit those 30 minutes in this way. Tomorrow I will wake up earlier, because I wanted to do more but ran out of time. One less thing to have hanging over my head!

I woke up earlier, as planned. Did 30 minutes of "Cardio Burn"-- part of an Ab Hip Hop series. It was my 1st time using it. I like that it was fine for my knees, but it wasn't exactly hard-- but it feels SO GOOD now to have worked out . . .I feel very relaxed because of the cardio, light as it was. Would have done longer but my youngest child woke up, so had to stop. Maybe I'll have to wake up even earlier.

Today I did 30 minutes of the upper arm workout portion of "10 Days to a Better Body." I really like it, though it's what I injured my knees with last time, so I was just very careful and only did modifications today. It's interval training, which works very well for me mentally and physically. 1 minute weights, one minute cardio. The 30 minutes really do fly by, the the instructor (Cindy Whitmarsh) gives great cues. Only $6 on Amazon right now. http://www.amazon.com/Results-Fitness-Days-Better-Body/dp/B001F12IT4

I have to say, it's only been 3 days, but I am feeling better already. I am thankful for this group, though, because it forces me to feel accountable, which I've never felt. (Usually I only feel guilt because day after day, I'd do nothing.)

I can't remember the last time I worked out 4 days in a row. Usually, at most, I get 3 in, and then I quit completely, just because I'd rather be doing something else, am too tired, etc. Well, I did #4 today. That makes me feel better mentally, and I have that nice, relaxed feeling all over. Ahh. I did the lower body workout of the 10 Days DVD, but had to do many modifications due to the numerous lunges and such. I love interval training . . .need to find one that is safe for my knees. Yesterday it seemed my elbows could become an issue, too, so I guess it's potentially an all-over joint thing. No one in my family has joint issues! A mystery.

Can't believe I completed the first week. This is a total miracle for me. Went to bad waaaay too late last night, writing on my blog, but I got up early anyway. I did the ballet DVD: bridge/core, abs, and a brief cardio segment. Need to think what I will do more specifically for next week, inc. getting more DVDs.

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Goal is to drop about 5 lbs. gained over a very traumatic winter.

Go to gym for cardio and weights 3x/week (Just got back)

Cut out the crap (just shopped for healthy foods)

Take it one day at a time.

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My exercise routine is well established however I have been quite lazy about running up a particular hill that is part of our run. Today, as part of already thinking about this thread - I ran up it and will continue to do so.

I've also been lazy about my water intake and again, jumping the gun on this thread, have started to keep a glass of water on the go at all times.

Speaking of which.....

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It's been years since exercise was part of my regular routine. I will be happy this week if I can get 20 minutes of activity at least four times. It may be using exercise equipment in the basement, going for a walk or playing soccer with my kids.

One obstacle is that I've been sick all weekend. I started medicine today and I hope it kicks in soon. Not to mention that two kids are also sick (praying that this is short lived).

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Run/walk at least once weekly

Perform one set of exercises for the arms/shoulders which can be using free weights or bodyweight (ie pushups, planks etc) twice weekly


Inertia, AKA waking up and deciding to surf the web instead of using that hour to go run/walk or deciding to sit and watch tv instead of lifting weights or hitting the floor for some push ups

How to overccome obstacles:

Putting it out here that I'm GOING to commit to doing this or admit that I've failed

Remembering how embarrassed I feel in front of college interns or my husband when I can't pull myself into the boat without flopping around like a dying fish

Imagining how great I will feel with the Pilates instructor when I achieve proper form during those exercises that require strong arms

Remembering that wonderful feeling I used to have after a good run

Imagining how proud I will feel when I can once again run 3 miles without stopping

OK, it's time to get started!

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Able to lift a tub of kitty litter without having to heave it.
Walk a mile outdoors, not treadmill, in 15 minutes without being winded.



Ideas to overcome obstacles:

Call my trainer for an appointment and 'fess up to not working out.
Keep dear ol' dad in mind...he has no core strength, no balance, and at 87 it is haunting him.

My trainer.
My timer. "You can do anything for 15 minutes" (any Flybabies?)
The boxed lettuce blends, ready to eat, easy to store.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'd like to join the bunch, esp after this last week...between Easter, leftovers, and the wedding...yikes!

Fitness goal is to exercise at least 6 out of 7 days per week, rotating pilates, yoga, weight lifting and walking. My stretch goal (pun intended) is to be able to squat barefoot, flat footed on the floor without rolling over backwards...I used to be able to and want to get there again. I also want to be able to, from my back, roll up to a standing position, no hands, with feet parallel....like what she does here, only without the burpee part...


Right now I can only do it if I cross my feet at the ankles.

Obstacles: me and my level of discipline and commitment; willingness to exercise other than in the a.m. if my schedule doesn't allow

To overcome obstacles: not question whether to exercise or not, just do it like a dr's apptmt or paying taxes; weigh myself daily as a reminder of where I need to go; meditate on health and happiness; read words of fitness encouragement on pinterest; remind myself daily what exercise does for my body; go shopping...not to buy but to try on clothes in those 3-way mirrors, bathing suits if necessary!

In order to achieve my goals though, I need to track measurements so I can see success. Maybe what I'll do is have DH measure how high my heels are off the floor when I squat once a week to see if I'm getting closer...and I'll need a physical daily commitment reminder so I'll mark on the kitchen calendar every day that I exercised with a code for what I did (w for walked, p for pilates, y for yoga, wl for weight lifting and a large 0 for a miss)

Here is a link that might be useful: Words of encouragement

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Bonnie, re: the traumatic winter . . .due to the weather or something else? And yes, exactly-- one day at a time!

Blfenton, that si awesome about your routine, and pushing yourself a bit further! Do you like water? That is all I drink, just because I genuinely like it. But, I always make sure I put ice in it, because then it's delicious!

Amj, when you used to work out, was it regular? I've done it on/off (more when younger) but never stuck to it. I'm so sorry you are sick! That is definitely an obstacle, and sometimes the best medicine is really rest-- don't push yourself! You can jump in when you feel better.

Running, I think visualizing ourselves doing the activities we want is perfect. What do you mean about pulling yourself into a boat? What do you do re: boating?

Bpathome, no embarrassment is needed re: your trainer. The past is not important. Only now. Embarrassment is a waste of your time and energy. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for showing up NOW. That is all that matters! And yes, I am a Flybaby and I tell myself the same thing re: the 15 minutes!

Annie, so glad you are joining! I think a per-assessment is great. I was going to come up with something similar, but couldn't come up with anything. Yours is perfect for your goals. Also, I am going to use this forum as my "check" to keep track. (Will keep editing my OP in each week's thread.) I will check out your words of encouragement. I also agree to just treating this like any other appointment. It's all about showing up!

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Annie Deighnaugh

What's a flybaby?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Here's a fitness challenge in case anyone is interested...being able to hold a plank for 2 minutes is considered to be a sign of good core strength.

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Annie, a flybaby follows, or "flutters along with" Flylady, a home and life management system. Your planking poster fits right it: one Flylady maxim is that it takes a month to develop a habit, so doing planks a little longer each day fora month to reach a goal goes along with that.

I'm going to try the planking!

One tool I'm going to use this month is throwing on my gym clothes when I get up instead of a robe. I've been feeling guilty about seeing my guys off before 7a.m. still in my jams, and then I find it hard to get out of the house. If I'm already in my gym clothes, I hope to actually get out for my walk, and to the fitness center.

Anele, thanks for the encouragement! I'm more embarrassed that one, I didn't keep up with my gym work, and two, that I actually gained weight over the winter. Fortunately, I never feel intimidated at the fitness center, I am what I am, I just regret dropping out for the last several months! But you're right, the past is in the past...wait, new theme song! Let it go! (Gosh, haven't heard that song in like a week...)

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Goal: To get back on track and do the exercises prescribed by PT for core strength five days a week. Get back to gym. Get core strength built up to where I'm allowed to add walking back to my plan (knee issues). And finally, to be able to post later today that I've started!

Obstacles: Inertia and not putting my needs first.

Helps: Plan ahead. Lay gym clothes out. Go to bed by mid-nite.

Great idea, Anele! Thanks for starting this-I'm one who needs accountability, at least until it becomes a habit.

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Goals: Just do it
Obstacles: home maintenance demands, frequent travel, fitting in time for other interests
Helps: scheduled classes with my Warrior Women group & spin buddies; biking the back roads of CT & NY is fun and relaxing; must keep up with a fit & active DH.

Went to my Warrior Women group today. We skipped up & down Madame K's driveway tossing a 10 pound ball to each other, cackling with laughter at our clumsiness. And we did forward & backward frog leaps and bear crawls on her big flat lawn, and push ups and various planks and cobras and hovers (or tried to, in my case). And banged the bells with some speed & snap. I often wonder what all the runners think of our crazy group of laughing, groaning, huffing & puffing women-in-the-autumn-of-their-lives as they jog by?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Huh...never heard of fly lady...looks interesting...thx!

I did my pilates today....

DH measured and my heels are 2 1/2" off the floor when I maintain my balance....

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I often wonder what all the runners think of our crazy group of laughing, groaning, huffing & puffing women-in-the-autumn-of-their-lives as they jog by?

They think "I hope I'm still working out and having fun when I'm that age."

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Annie - I'm confused as to why your heels are lifting off the floor when you're doing squats. Shouldn't you be keeping your heels on the floor and just squat as far as you can go without them lifting? Heels shouldn't be lifting.

I apologize if I have misunderstood what you are trying to do.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to squat w/o lifting heels

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You may want to include . . .

(1) Goal(s)
(2) Possible Obstacles
(3) Strengths/Ideas for Overcoming Obstacles

1. Goal. Strength. I will do the New Rules of Lifting for Women plan through the first phase. After that I will re-evaluate.
2. Possible obstacles
Injury - going to go slow and am starting with a trainer to get good form.
Time management - I need to put myself first. If I have to get up at 5 to go to gym, 17 year old DS can figure out getting to school on his own.
3. Self Sabotage- It's always lurking. Nobody can mess me up more than I can.

Tomorrow is my first day at a new gym with a new trainer to go over my plan. I emailed him an outline of what i want to work on and the plan last night. I didn't want him showing up to the gym thinking he'd teach me "his" system. Mostly I need help with the form for a few free weight lifts that are in the program. Hopefully we will be on the same page. If not, I'll move on. I want to lift weights. I wish I'd heard from him tonight as it would make me a little less nervous!

YAY Everybody!

Beth P.

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Annie Deighnaugh

blfenton, I'm not talking about doing squats, I'm talking about being able to squat...whether I want to look for something on the bottom shelf, or get down to talk to a child. I want to be able to do this:

If I try that now, unless I'm in shoes or heels or up on my toes, I will fall over backward as I don't have the hip flexibility to maintain my balance in that position. I used to be able to. GF still can, and can actually waddle around while maintaining the squat position. So my goal is to be able to squat, maintain balance and be flat footed in bare feet.

That piece you posted looks very interesting and may help me in my quest. Thx!

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Great thread ... I stumbled in here by accident. Can I lurk while ya 'all do your thing? Sounds fun!

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Oh now I understand. Thanks

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"Running, I think visualizing ourselves doing the activities we want is perfect. What do you mean about pulling yourself into a boat? What do you do re: boating?"

We live in Miami and my husband is a beyond-avid boater/outdoorsman. Both of us are certified divers (he's an asst. instructor level actually) and he volunteers at a maritime park down here. A lot of what he does involves projects with college or recently graduated interns who are working there.Or we go out in our boat to dive or snorkel on gorgeous flat calm days.

So...summer is beautiful, perfect boating weather and I want to get out more with him and, sometimes, the interns if they're doing something interesting. Those kids and my husband think absolutely nothing of diving off the side of the boat to investigate a coral reef, or a buoy that needs replacing, or a lion fish infestation, or a shipwreck visible from the surface. Then they think nothing of pulling themselves back into the boat over the gunwale or the dive transom.

And I CANNOT do that! My arms are so weak that if there isn't a dive ladder the options are 1) try to bounce myself up as much as l can, then fling a leg onto the boat's nearest flat surface then scramble like a crab to desperately get myself aboard while flailing madly in all directions or 2) face away from the side of the boat and have my husband haul me out by lifting under my arms like a piece of waterlogged flotsam.

Either option is embarrassing in the extreme.

Thus, my motivation: this summer I am not going to be that clumsy ungainly person on the boat everyone silently thanks themselves they are NOT and that the college interns swear they will never be :).


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Thus, my motivation: this summer I am not going to be that clumsy ungainly person on the boat everyone silently thanks themselves they are NOT and that the college interns swear they will never be :).

What's that expression? If you can't serve as a good example, be a horrible warning. Sounds like Ann plans to improve herself into the good example side of the expression. You go, girl! We know you can do it.

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Note to any lurkers . . .feel free to jump in or join at any time! Like Flylady says, "You aren't behind!"

Annie, I am going to add the plank challenge to my routine! My mom grew up listening to the radio (pre-TV) and there was some show where, once a week, a boy would bring a calf with him and pick it up. He got stronger as the calf/cow grew. Or, that's what my mom says . . .I've never mentioned to her that, perhaps, it was a trick, because it was radio, after all. (But maybe not!) Yay for Pilates! How did you do it? DVD or class? (Sorry if I missed that.) I understand about the squatting. Supposedly my DH used to do that . . .his parents thought it was a genetic thing, "kimchi squat," since he is of Korean descent, but to me, that is sort of racist . . .they made more than one comment like that to him.

Jellytoast, participate in any way you want! If you want jump in at any point, feel free!

Bpathome, yes, I think planning with the clothes is a great idea. I am hoping that these 6 weeks will kickstart a routine so that this feels automatic. Did you get to your walk and fitness center? HAHAHA about Let It Go! Oh my gosh . . .if I had $1 for every time I heard that song, I'd be very wealthy . . .my 2 year old esp. sings it non-stop, complete with the hair motions that Elsa does. (And she's only seen it a few times!) We just bought the piano music, too, so even my 12 y.o. (who despises that song) is playing it! Ahhhhh!!

Lizbeth, I have knee issues, too. Have no idea how they developed . ..just noticed it about a year ago, walking up and down stairs. Any tips you can share would be most welcome! I am finding that just from the last 2 days of working out, I have more pain, even though I am trying to be so careful.

Awm, I love, love, love your Warrior Women group and am so glad you are sharing what you do. It makes me smile to think of the fun you are having, along with the bonding and exercise. Like Hhireno said, I bet those runners are wishing they could join in!

Beth, did the trainer get back to you? You are so smart for going in with a plan, and knowing what you want. I agree that if he doesn't work out, you can easily move on. You are both there for YOU, and if not on the same page, then you find someone who suits your needs. Tell us how your first day went!

Running, oh my goodness! How interesting and exciting! I love hearing about lives that I could never imagine living! (I grew up in Chicago and live in a nearby suburb now . . .nothing exciting at all.) It sounds so beautiful. I can see why your arm strength would be a huge asset to you . . .and the good news is, you can do this!!!! Tell me again what your plan is-- are you going to lift weights like Beth?

ETA, LOL Hihireno about being a horrible warning!!!! Yes! That is going to stay in my head as a powerful (and funny) motivator!

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Runninginplace - it isn't just weak arms but it's also weak core and hip stabilizers. Just a suggestion - work on planks and then work into doing up up down down planks. When doing them keep your hips as still as possible and don't let your shoulders hunch into your ears..If you have access to a bosu ball work up to doing up up down downs on that as well. The bosu ball will mimic the unsteadiness/movement of the rocking boat.

I do a core class and we do a whole series of planks including side planks, off-set planks (lifting one leg and the opposite arm) and doing them on bosu balls and body balls as our warm-up. I can do side planks on a body ball and next up that I'm working on is up up down downs and side planks with a leg lift (I can do that on the bosu ball but the body ball is a whole other challenge) on the body ball. But I've been doing this class for 4 years now.

Here is a link that might be useful: up up down down planks

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Annie Deighnaugh

Veria is a TV channel we have on cable. They used to show Pilates from the Inside Out. I recorded a whole slew of them and use that...

My Dad told me the same story about the kid and the cow....

Squatting is actually a very useful position as you can stay low to the ground, use up a minimum of floor print, yet not cut off circulation in your legs. It's also a natural position for healthy elimination...certainly done by mant peoples in many cultures.

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Blfenton, interesting that it's not "just" about the arms. I love the idea of using the ball to mimic the waves. The woman in the video you posted makes it look so easy . . .THAT IS MY GOAL!

Annie, ah! That's a good idea re: the station. Looks like it has a lot of good resources. I miss Netflix's instant/on demand workout videos. They were fun.

Ha, ha about the cow story! I still wonder if it's true!

Yes, I know squatting is very useful. In the case of my DH, though, it was just one more way for his family to point out that he was "different." That is what annoys me when they reference that . . .

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Okay I'm finally checking in with my plan.

(1) Goal(s) - get back to exercising at least four times a week instead of just twice a week on weekends. I don't know why I've gotten in this bad habit as I used to be so religious about 4-5x a week. I think it may have something to do with this medication I take that impacts my ability to sleep so some nights I'm so tired when I get home I just eat and go to bed. Double whammy - the medication is also an appetite stimulant so less exercise plus more appetite = bad, very bad.

I usually do 35 min yoga routine, an hour on the stationary bike or a 40 min walk. Sometimes I can get away and walk over lunch but usually I do something after work as I am just not a morning exerciser.

(2) Possible Obstacles - too tired from lack of sleep the night before, general laziness, too many things scheduled after work

(3) Strengths/Ideas for Overcoming Obstacles - not sure but hopefully this group will inspire me and hold me accountable to someone other than myself.

Week one status so far: I managed to get through my yoga routine tonight before I settled on the couch with DH. One day down, one more to go before Saturday.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I got curious about the man and the cow and looked it up. Apparently it is an anecdote about Milo of Croton who was a famous wrestler able to perform incredible feats of strength around 500 BC.

Legends say he... once carried a four-year-old bull on his shoulders before slaughtering, roasting, and devouring it in one day. He was said to have achieved the feat of lifting the bull by starting in childhood, lifting and carrying a newborn calf and repeating the feat daily as it grew to maturity.

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Gibby, you got one day down already? Yeah!!! RE: the medication . . .that sounds like it is really affecting you and anyone would have a hard time trying to combat those side effects. Has your doctor discussed other options or is this the only one? I can see why you've cut down on your routine. If you have to do 2 days but they are shorter workouts, then maybe that will help . . .

Annie, that's funny! Thanks for looking it up. Do you think your dad told you based on that, or did he listen to the same radio show my mom did?

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Okay, a couple of days late, but here I go . . .

(1) Goal(s)
Flexibility and core strength
I have had some problems with hip and back and would like to be more flexible.
Stretches five days a week (I have a set of stretches for strength/flexibility that I got from the Mayo Clinic site)
Walk 3 days a week.

(2) Possible Obstacles
The biggest obstacle is time! I work part-time, and have a grandmother, father and MIL that are each alone and in various stages of "need". Not to mention the regular house, community, etc. stuff.

(3) Strengths/Ideas for Overcoming Obstacles
I know I need to put myself first, but that comes hard to me. I know, I know - I am no good to someone else if I'm down. I need to just set aside a time each day for the stretches. For the walking, my husband is onboard with that and we take our pup too, so that shouldn't be a problem. For days I can't work it in in the evenings, I have a really great place to walk at my work, even an indoor area. I'm going to do that today!


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Re: the knees, I learned how to climb up and down using my thighs, hips, and butt muscles, and the knees are just a hinge. It made my cathedral and alpine climbing doable!

This week I've been driving DS to school, so I'm actually dressed by 7:15. Walked half a mile, and even did some stretching before rolling out of bed this a.m. Did not make it to the fitness center :( , but I do my balancing while waiting for the toast :)

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Tina, oh, it sounds like you have so much on your plate! I was reading an article about Valerie Harper, and she said Mother Teresa was asked what was most important. She answered that it is MOST IMPORTANT to take care of one's self, so that you may help others. Mother Teresa herself gives you the "OK" to put yourself first. I am really glad you have an indoor place to walk, and that your DH (and puppy!) are on board!

Bpathome, yes, that is exactly what I've been reading-- to let the knee act just as a hinge. What I've read says it is essential to get strong in legs/butt/hips because that will make the knees work less, just as you said. I am not really sure why my knees think they have to work so hard, unless I really just have so little muscle. (Possible.)

That is awesome about getting dressed, stretching, and walking. And yeah-- get whatever you can in, whenever you can!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Anele, it'd be a trip if they both heard the same program!

Just wanted to mention that there are a lot of physical therapy videos on youtube. DH had terrible neck spasms....despite chiropractic treatment and muscle relaxants, he still was in terrible pain and couldn't move his head. So I found a PT video on line with using neck stretches where you put your head into a position and held it for a minute, then the next position (6 in total). I had him do it several times a day and within a day he was feeling better, within a week he was back to normal. So for those of you with issues, you might want to see what's available there that may help you.

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Annie, I think being able to squat like your picture has to start early in life and continue, kind of like sitting cross-legged with your feet on top of your thighs. That I can do, because I started young, but for squatting I don't think my ligaments will stretch like that now!

And re the neck, my karate instructor told me that when you do neck exercises you should keep your mouth open! I never heard that before, does anyone know if this is true?

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Anele, I know that in my mind, but sometimes it is hard to make your heart follow.

Per the squat, I was curious if I could do it with feet flat on floor and I can! I did not, however, try walking around while in that position! LOL


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Reporting in!

I met with Norman the trainer on Tuesday. He was glad I emailed him. I showed him the exercises listed in the book and we went over all of them trying to find the best way to do them in that gym. He was enthusiastic and also cautious, which I liked.

I was pretty sore yesterday. Today I went and did some rowing and my workout and was easily out of there in an hour. I was pretty comfortable in the gym, most of the people were oldies. Of course the one guy in the too short shorts had to be working out near where I was the whole time. Nobody wants to look at that.

I go again on Saturday! Tomorrow if I can I will walk after work or maybe go do some cardio at the gym.


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I'm finally getting over this sinus infection, so I ran with my training group last night! 4 miles including some hill training - Ugh! We ran the same quarter mile hill 4 times and it was a killer! The 10k we will do on Memorial has a real bad hill, and the first half of the course is pretty much a climb although a steady one until the mile 3.5 biggie. I've also been doing planks at home and have my own weights. I'm running a 5k on Friday night and then will run 5.5 miles on Saturday morning with the group again. WhooHoo!

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"And re the neck, my karate instructor told me that when you do neck exercises you should keep your mouth open! I never heard that before, does anyone know if this is true?"

Opening your mouth will help to prevent you from clenching your jaw. When doing neck stretches/exercises you need everything, including your jaw/mouth, to be relaxed.

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Tina, I know it is! If time is not on your side, aim low, so that whatever you want to do is just a teeny bit harder than what you are already doing in your daily life-- like maybe just 5 minutes a day. I wish I had done this in the past. Instead, I would do nothing! Yay for the squat!

Beth, LOL about the guy in short shorts! Norman sounds great. Did you get your walking/cardio in?

Outside, I'm glad you are feeling better! The running you are describing (distance, hills!!!) sounds intense! Have fun on your run tonight!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Re the squat, I was able to squat when I was younger and then lost it. Once I realized it, I started working on getting it back and eventually I did. But then I stopped working on it, and lost it again. So I'm trying to regain it again. Most likely it will take even longer, if I ever get there. But since I started working on it, I have improved.

Apparently there is a correlation between body flexibility and artery flexibility, and some suggest causation, so it can't hurt to work on squatting or any other flexibility...just do it slowly, carefully, no bouncing or jerking...you don't want to get injured trying to get healthier!

Here is a link that might be useful: Artery flexibility

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Um, re the planks image, I'm going to start with 10 seconds, not 20 LOL! Those are harder than they look. Hokey smokes!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Doesn't matter where your journey begins, so long as you make progress....

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And as long as you start. That's key as well.

I am such a huge proponent of cardio and conditioning exercise as whatever level you can do. It's an investment in your own future, and just like your finances and your family and your home, it needs to be taken care of.

I was at the gym this morning and now I'm off to take a friend who broke her shoulder skiing 3 weeks ago, for a walk in the trails along the river. It's a gorgeous day today so it'll be fun.

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You made me do it - exercised two week nights this week. Yoga earlier this week and just finished an hour on the stationary bike. I always feel so great after I exercise. I just can't figure out why I've gotten so lazy about getting started. I don't have a problem with weekends so I should be good to go for week 1 barring any unforeseen surprises.

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Well, so much for goals...I did my exercises Monday and was so sore Tuesday I decided to back off and try three days at first. Then life got in the way and I missed Wednesday, but did do them today. I think I need to start doing them early morning before anything/anyone else takes precedence, but I do hate mornings!

Anele: To answer your question, I had a torn meniscus that required surgery. I first became aware when climbing stairs something wasn't working right, then went back to the gym and it really intensified.

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Checking in for the week. I didn't do as much as I hoped, but I did more than I would of without this challenge. I'm still fighting the tailend of a nasty cold, two kids were sick this week, and DH was out of town... So those are my excuses. :)

I was able to walk this week a bit. I tried the plank challenge above and I hope to continue that (it's certainly not time consuming. It's just a matter of remembering it). I also went to a yoga class today. I really enjoyed that.

Baby steps for me!

Anele- your question from above. Yes, I exercised regularly for a few years. I mostly focused on weight training which I loved. My husband is a champ about exercising and we have most if the equipment in our basement. If he can find time to do it regularly then so should I. I know that my problem is that it just isn't a priority for me. But the little voice in my head keeps telling me that the longer I wait to get a routine, the harder it will be to do!

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WO 5 days per week. I am normally good about this, but I need additional activity throughout the day. I have weights WO with a personal trainer twice a week where I also do some brief interval cardio.

Eat more salads: get 5-9 fruits and vegetables per day, limit sodium to 1500 mg per day.

Obstacles: final exams, grading, meetings, reports due.

Resources: WW friends online, WW tracking, thinking of getting a fitbit or other device.

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My favorite exercise, walking. My favorite way to do it, walking to a restaurant! Yesterday DH and I dropped DS at school to get ready for his play, left the car there, and walked almost a mile to dinner (Small Cobb salad for me). Wwith over an hour till the show, we strolled the long way through the neighborhoods back to school. Love seeing what braved the winter blooming and budding, love "critiquing" the houses and yards of course, and love precious time with DH.

Yeah, I know, strolling isn't exercise, but it's moving! But maybe I should go out for theater, those kids move nonstop for over two hours!

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I will be back tonight to reply to people's updates.

I set up week #2 in case anyone wants to get the week started in writing!

Here is a link that might be useful: Week #2

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Annie, I realized this weekend that I do a lot of squatting while I help the kids. This motivates me to do even more.

Bpathome, I am going to start planks this week! Strolling is still exercise. ANY movement, no matter how small, counts. It all counts. Sounds like a really fun walk!

Lizbeth, I am sorry you needed surgery! It's OK if you missed some time-- what is always important is that you are back. To me, this is a learning process. I know what you mean about mornings. I try to go on automatic and just get it up and do it without thinking.

Gibby, woo hoo!!! How did the weekend go?

Amj, glad you are feeling better. What a great support your DH will be! My husband has no interest in exercise.

Blfenton, I love how you incorporate exercise so regularly. I definitely see this as investment, as you said. I think, for a long time, I thought of it as vanity, or someone bossing me around about what I "should" be doing, but being 40, I see what a long road lies ahead (or short one!) if I don't take care of little problems NOW.

Gscience, that's great that you already have a routine! RE: the fruit/veg, I am trying to get more in by eating some every other time I eat. Are you going to be done soon with the school yr, or teach during the summer term, too?

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