Visiting/shopping in High Point, NC or similar area

red_shoesFebruary 14, 2009

I frequently see postings about High Point, NC and will be travelling to the North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia areas in May. I would be grateful for any reccommendations, suggestions, advice or warnings about shopping (or anything else!) in the area.

Thanks, Red

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OK for the best variety you should go to Furnitureland South. Personally I really hate to shop there just because it is so big and I feel that the salespeople there aren't very friendly unless they know you are ready and willing to drop some big bucks. You also can't get a same day price on most stuff, but it is huge and you will see literally thousands of pieces of furniture and hundreds of brands. Their fabric area alone is huge and bigger than most showrooms. I usually can find better prices elsewhere but can get an idea of what I like just from spending a day at FLS. There are several other large showrooms in the area, some just across the street. If you don't have a Boyles in your area, that's another large store with a wide selection. I tend to like the smaller stores like American Traditions that sells Amish furniture and such plus I generally shop locally or in Lenior/Hickory. Have fun!

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Thank you!!! Do you really get good prices in these areas? Is it worth taking the time to stop? Should I have specific things selected or is it better to see what is available and be open to a bargin?

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What is the deal with leather furniture south? I called and tried to visit their showroom in Charlotte, We are in Thomasville. The guy on the voicemail said they had a warehouse but it was torture to get him to let us come visit, I practically had to drag the address out of him, Then we drove all the way there and I could never find the place. I would beware all of you ordering online this sounds like a fake store they don;t even have a street address . i really wanted to look at Legacy Leather but could not find the store. What the heck?

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In NC, I'd recommend Hickory over HighPoint b/c its easier to do (you just visit one mall) and have more varied styles as well as a Mitchell Gold outlet. In Highpoint, I'd recommend browsing FurnitureLand South in Jamestown -- it would probably take half a day & would be great to look at many different styles. However, I recommend you try to purchase furniture locally b/c of more protection, possibly better service - and use a credit card for some protection (FLS does not accept credit cards). American Accents and Boyles are good (I ordered from Boyles and had a good experience but someone on the board posted here that they might be having financial difficulties, although they do take credit cards so you'd have some protection).

In SC, I've heard there is a Pottery Barn outlet.

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"However, I recommend you try to purchase furniture locally b/c of more protection, possibly better service"

smile ~ Do you mean shop locally where we live? This is a very timely post. We live in the Hudson Valley of NY. I've been shopping for a small sectional sofa and have found one that fits 95% of my criteria and is manufactured by Clayton Marcus. One local furniture store quoted me $2350 plus tax (another $120). Another local store originally quoted me $2700 but when I said I had gotten a lower quote locally, they said they would meet that quote. Both are family owned and operated stores, but I like the second one more because of service and knowledge. When I called a few places in NC, the price quotes, including shipping/freight/delivery, were between $1850-$2045. DH is a bit concerned about ordering from so far away because if we needed service or had warranty issues for any reason, who would we call? Our local family-owned and operated furniture store would provide him with a feeling of security, but the thought of saving $500 is tempting and I understand DH's concerns.
Any input would be appreciated.

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First, my answer would really depend on whether you like the local stores and feel they would offer better service. I would see if your local stores will match the NC prices or at least come close...i.e. so you'd only be overpaying by $100-200. Also take into account that you might have to pay sales tax in the end to NY.

However, not all local stores necessarily provide good service, and you have to judge from talking with the manager and ask him/her how he would handle any damages. I actually live 1.5 hr from high point, and for me, I really dont have very many "local" choices and I felt that the high point store I ordered from (Boyles, Rose which is no longer in business) would provide me better service than the "local" store that was 30 min away, so we didn't bother with bargaining (this was a few years ago). However, b/c they were only 1.5 hrs, they were able to send out a furniture repair person and I'm not sure what they'd do if we lived in NY!

Recently, we ordered some more furniture and b/c of the current economy, we actually went with national chains (Restoration Hardware -lee sofa- and Thomasville chairs) b/c we felt they were the most secure, gave us a good price, and we could use our credit card (as opposed to the high point stores). We had a pleasant experience -- maybe not the best deal, but it was good quality and a no-hassle experience.

Also, the current economy would be another factor, and that is why I recommend only paying with a credit card in case the store were to go bankrupt, and that risk would be with both a local store as well as any NC stores.

Feel free to ask me any more questions or email personally...we know quite a bit about the stores since we live near them, and I now am quite knowledgeable about furniture b/c of research on this board and my own "examination" when in a store -- which was all triggered after a HORRIBLE experience at Ethan Allen years ago when we sacrificed for what we thought would be good quality furniture for our child (in spite of the fact that all of our existing furniture was Target-quality!!!)

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Smile, Thanks for correcting me. I really did mean American Accents, not American Traditions. I don't know where that came from!

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I also posted this on the Decorating Forum...I actually found a company in Pennsylvania that discounts furniture. They deliver to Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the southern New York area (they deliver as far north as Poughkeepsie, which is about 15 miles north of us). They're located about 2 1/2 hours from us, service what they sell and have been in business for over 100 years. They ask for 10% down and the balance of 90% on delivery. I can't see how this would be a shady deal ;o) They gave me a total amount quote for $2150, soup to nuts. There's no tax because we're out of state (i know we'll have to pay it later on), and no delivery charge, which is unheard of even to the sales people. It's the lowest "local" price I've gotten. They service what they sell and will send a service person out to us if the need should ever arise, whether it's for a frame/construction issue or a cushion/fabric issue.
They're in the front running.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lauter's

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msmarv- sounds like you've found a good "local"store. Two hrs is not bad - i would consider it local:) Only 10% down is great - that shows me they stand behind their product. I've also read that clayton is a good brand...we considered them, but we ended up going with another brand b/c that's who had the fabric we wanted.

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I guess 2 hours is local...and no delivery charge! Our local-local place wanted to initially charge $175 for delivery. Yikes! Lauter's is the one we're going with for a few reasons: the lowest price up front with no haggling, no delivery, service after the sale, up-to-date knowledge of manufacturers and products and small down payment.

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