Can you identify this tiny wood stove?

lavender_lassJuly 12, 2012

I'd like to do something like this, on our sun porch. It will be 21' x 12' and I'd also like to do a similar alcove, for the stove.

Any idea what type of stove this is? Any suggestions for the alcove? It looks like white painted brick...but I'm not sure how deep it would need to be. Up to 3' is no problem...and thanks in advance :) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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Great inspiration photo! (Looks like something from my favorite British decorating magazine, The English Home.) The wood stove looks very similar to a small wood stove made by a Danish company called Morso - they make both modern and traditional looking stoves. I fell in love with an even smaller wood stove they make while shopping for a gas fireplace insert a year ago. They are very efficient wood stoves and can be used even during a burn ban (if you live in an area with air quality issues).

Maybe their website can provide you with the clearance requirements around the stove - I would be concerned about whether the white/cream paint could withstand the heat of the wood stove, but perhaps heat resistant paints are available in colors other than black. :-)

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Carpecattus- Thanks! It does look British, now that you mention it...I like the English Home, too :)

I'll check out the Morso website. Our county does have burning bans, so that's a great feature. The air quality isn't a problem in our area, but in town it can be.

That's a good point about the paint...but I'm guessing they probably do have heat resistant paint in white. So many people end up painting over brick these days. I won't paint our living room fireplace (it's actually a pretty brick) but this would be new construction...and warm white would look good in the sunroom.

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Lavender Lass, I just had to tell you, over the weekend I was reading my latest issue of English Home and the first home they featured had a large fireplace with a wood stove sitting inside, and then while watching an episode of "Selling London" on HGTV they toured a beautiful Tudor home and it also had a wood stove in a huge fireplace. The Brits really love this idea! :-) It's such a neat look, and a great way to tuck a wood stove out of the way - your sunporch will be fabulous!

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Thank you! I didn't see the show on HGTV, but I will check the magazine when I go to the store :)

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I love these "decorator" photos purporting to show an actual woodstove installation. From the (highly) flammable evergreens to wax candles and a wooden figurine on top of an operating stove to the baskets of wood much too close, the photo should really be captioned with something like "10 Ways to Burn Your House Down".

Every wood stove manufacturer has strict guidelines regarding clearances to flammable surfaces. Likewise national and local building/fire codes. There's no reason why a stove could not be installed on the sun porch, but you're going to have to follow the relevant codes for your own safety. Don't be seduced by the totally unrealsistic setup depicted in the photo.

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Jotul makes a small stove, the Nordic, in both gas and wood versions. Perhaps gas might be a more practical choice for a sunporch? It is less than 24" tall, and has a similar 'antique' look to it.

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