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kats_meowFebruary 6, 2012

We are buying an existing house that has 4 types of flooring already in it. We are wondering what to do in the bedrooms and looking for ideas:

The foyer, study, dining room, hallway and family room are all stained concrete. We don't love it but are basically OK with it since we have dogs and don't like carpet. We could put down something else in the family room if it would work better. The stained concrete is mostly dark brown:

The kitchen and breakfast room - open to the family room - are slate tile and we like it

Bathrooms are tile. Boring but OK:

All 4 bedrooms (the house is one story) are a not very good carpet. We want to replace to carpet. Due to our pets and preference we prefer something other than carpet and not laminate. Options would seem to be tile or wood.

Hallway outside 3 of the 4 bedrooms is stained concrete. Outside one bedroom it is the slate tile.

With dogs I would ordinarily suggest tile for the bedrooms. However, I don't really want to tile them like the bathrooms (don't like that tile that much) even if I could find the exact same tile which is doubtful. Likewise, I doubt that I could exactly match the slate tile.

I could put a different tile in the bedrooms but then each bedroom would adjoin a hall that was a different flooring (plus the master would adjoin the master bath which is a different tile) so I don't like that idea.

I could do stained concrete in the bedrooms and try to match the rest of the house but I don't love the stained concrete that much.

Given all of this I am considered handscraped engineered wood in the bedrooms. I could do just that. Alternatively I could also put down the wood in the hallway outside the master bedroom and in the family room (leaving the foyer, hallway from the foyer, study and dining room as stained concrete).

Any thoughts? I could put down carpet in the bedrooms but with our pets and my allergies I tend to not like carpet.

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