2 matching sofas or sofa+loveseat combination for family room

amynaadiFebruary 14, 2014

Hello, I'd really appreciate to receive some feedback regarding furniture for my family room, whether 2 matching sofas are good idea or should I stick with a traditional sofa+loveseat combination. The room is 14x20 feet with a high ceiling and has a fire place. I currently have the sofa closer to one wall and loveseat placed in a L-shape. The loveseat faces the fireplace. I am planning to replace my current furniture with new leather furniture (see attached). There is only $100 difference between the sofa and loveseat of this furniture. A sales person said that sofa+loveseat (3+2 seats) combination is old design idea and these days, it is more common to order 2 matching sofas (3+3 seats) especially for family rooms since you get more seating area for almost the same price. I do plan to add a accent chair in the future to add more color to the room.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Amy

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When I moved into my home 6 years ago I purchased a sofa and 2 chairs. Previously I had a sofa and love seat. The room is large enough to hold 2 sofas nicely, and if I were to do it again, would go with the sofas. Don't listen to the sales person. ;)

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When buying upholstered furniture a sofa is always your best value. In fact from a wholesale perspective there can be as little as a $50-$100 difference between them and I will tell you why. At the trade shows, primarily the twice a year High Point market, April and october or the Vegas market manufacturers like to quote low sofa prices as they show you their wares. I have been to many markets, over 60 High Point Markets, where you will be lead around the showroom with the rep quoting sofa wholesale or in some cases retail prices, $699, $799, $899, $999. It's so boring. What they never quote are the love seat and chair prices where the manufacturere is making their mark up. My advice buy two sofas. I think it looks better and you are getting more value.

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Go with what you like best. If you want something new try it! If you like having the love seat then go for it! I think you picked a really nice color!

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