taxes must be filed by when?

jiggreenApril 15, 2006

ok...yes i am a procrastinator, i was born that way. my federal taxes were done and refund received back in february. BUT............ i haven't mailed off my state or local taxes yet. i know the federal taxes are due on the 17th this year due to the 15th falling on a saturday. does it stand to reason that the Pennsylvania state/local forms are also due on the 17th or would they still be due on the 15th? i have searched our state and local websites and haven't found any information regarding the due date.



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17th. Because the 15th is not a business day. Folks in Massachusetts get another day (till the 18th) because it's Patriot's Day on Monday. Pennsylvania had patriots, too, but no one thought to make it a holiday for them! Good luck.

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New Yorkers also get til midnight April 18 to get their returns in the mail, because NY returns are sent to a processing center in Mass.

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Maryland also...

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