Tile over FP Brick Help/Advice

lovlilynneJuly 21, 2009

I'm re-doing my kitchen, and it will be open to my livingroom. It's one of those "one thing leads to another" scenarios where I'm seeing all this other work I will need to do because kitchen is new, making other places look shabby, etc.

So I was cleaning up around my fireplace, and I was noticing that the brick on the inside looks kinda shabby and dated. It made me think that it would be nice to cover it up with tile or something more current. In the picture, you may be able to see that the hearth is slate. Originally I thought I would choose something for the surround that would match the slate, but then I noticed that the grout around the surround is cracked and missing in some places. The tile, which I believe is original to the house - which means around 40 years old, is holding up, but definitely has seen better days.

So, question is - what would you suggest for a new surround and hearth? I was thinking something neutral like marble, but the cost is up there, even with the small sq footage. Would you just leave the slate (regrout)? And if you did, what would you put over the brick to go with the slate?

Also, any considerations regarding being near a hot fire (not that we have fires very often - DH doesn't like lighting the fireplace because it sucks all the heat out of the house).



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