Converting wood fireplace chimney to gas top vent

kookykittyJuly 21, 2008

Hi all. I have a gas fireplace that was converted from a wood burning fireplace before I bought my house. When they converted it they just kept the old wood burning chimney stack and vented the gas fireplace through it (at least that's what I think they did, since there are no other external vents we can find for it). We want to keep the gas fireplace, but the old chimney stack is extremely unsightly and is on the front side of the roof for all to see. We want to get rid of the chimey stack and replace it with a vent. But we know nothing of this process. Can anybody shed any light on this conversion? Can we do this ourselves? Do we need to pass a building code inspection? How much will it cost? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You would need first to determine the specs for the gas unit -- what kind of exhaust does it need, what dimensions, etc. The old chimney for the wood burning fireplace probably exceeded the minimum standard needed for the gas logs. Once you know exhaust needs of the gas logs, you can then proceed with the next step, figuring how to deal with the ugly chimney. I have a feeling that taking it down and replacing it will be a very messy, costly project. If you know that the chimney works fine for the gas logs you have in place, consider the possibility of covering the ugly exterior of the chimney with something new that will harmonize with the style of the house. Something like Hardiplank might work. There are several brands of the Hardiplank type product, so you can shop around to pick the one that suits you best.

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