3 Cord of Wood Delivered Today

tucoJuly 12, 2008

I know it's hot out there but... I think it's going to get a little a crazy getting wood this fall so I ordered and had delivered 3 cord today.

Better safe than sorry!

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Good idea. Up here everybody's getting wood in. A while back someone from the city asked my neighbor "What do you guys do in the summer?" His answer? "Get ready for winter!" And with the experts saying the earth is in for a decade of global COOLING the more wood the better!

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That, and with oil/gas prices so high a lot of people are going to look to wood to supplement their heating this winter.

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This is definitely the time to order wood. I've used wood most of my life, and nobody except city people ever waited until fall to order or get in wood!

I've got three cords coming and thinking of ordering extra just in case. My house is small, but I'm hoping to completely avoid using the furnace this year. Global warming or global cooling, either way means more erratic weather and cold unpredicatble winters in New England.

Dayle Ann

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