keeping firewood dry

lakeyjimJuly 17, 2011

I've got 2 cords in racks getting read for next winter. In past years I've put a tarp over both racks but it limits air circulation to dry. I want some kind of cover higher up. I did have a light frame covered with plastic and hooked to under the eave in years past but it flapped in the wind too much.

I want to attach a 4 x 8 "something" that is removable with the existing hooks and slope down to run off rain while allowing air above the wood. There are gutters on the eave (new since last year. Together with he eave, it will stick out about 5 1/2' which will overlap the 4' deep wood rack.

Plywood or OSB would work but both will need something to protect it from the weather. Felt and shingles would be ideal but be way too heavy. Anybody got an idea of some kind of 4 x 8 sheet that is rigid and waterproof? Oh and also cheap!

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Here in Vermont we have woodsheds. They're usually made by the homeowners, so each one is different. Mine is 4 feet deep by 24 feet long by 5 feet high at the rear. It'll hold over 3 cords of wood for the stove.
I built the frame out of pressure treated wood and laid plywood down as a floor. I used 4x4s as the posts and used lattice as the walls to insure air plow. The roof has an overhang of 2 feet all around and slopes to the rear. I placed hooks along the front for a tarp if the weather is going to be wet. In winter it'll support 4 feet of snow when we get a storm. In summer I have prennial bushes surrounding it so it looks "pretty".

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I think with your situation it appears you should extend a permanent structure off of the eave. It would probably be easiest to find plywood felt and shingles for little to no cost. Your other option is to use metal or fiberglass roofing. If money is an object look for the items on craigslist and be creative I seen structures built from free wood pallets and plywood felt and shingles.

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