Unauthorized charge on a debit card

gmp3March 7, 2013

I had a birthday party for my husband at a resturant. I noticed they did not put some of the food I ordered out, but there was plenty of food, so I didn't make a big deal out of it as we were busy celebrating, and the catering manager I was dealing with wasn't there. I requested that I be asked if additional food was put out up to a certain amount, and I was never asked. At the end of the evening, the bartender gave me a billl for the drinks which I paid with my debit card. I asked about the catering charges and she said I would be billed. Yesterday I got an email with a lump sum, no breakout of the charges, tax or gratuity, so I emailed back indicating one of the items worth about 100 was not served, and that I'd like an itemized bill, as the amount seemed high.

I was in business meetings today and when I returned home I noted I had no email arrived from the catering manager, but that they debited the account I used to pay for the bar bill the full amount of the invoice. I never authorized this, nor did they ask for a card before the party.

This seems unethical and possibly illegal. what should I do. I intend to pay for what was s served, but not for food plus a tip on food that was not served.

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Keep contacting the catering manager, and suggest that you come in and sit down with her and go over the charges.

FWIW, I would use a credit card for such transactions. Does your bank allow you to contest charges on your debit card the way you can with a credit card? Keep the money in your account longer, at least until you see the bill, then pay off the credit card bill in full when it comes.

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I agree sushipup! This is just another reason why I refuse to even have a debit card.

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She contacted me today and took the charges I disagreed with off the bill. I told her the policy of charging without an approval was insane, and she claimed she'd talk to the accounting people.

I was actually planning to use my AmEx to get miles for this transaction, but decided I wanted to minimize the fight and just focus on how much my husband appreciated the party.

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Call the Better Business Bureau. I had a prolonged problem with a mover damaging a piece of furniture and boy did I get a reaction. Problem was solved in a hurry.

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NO need to call the BBB... the OP said the issue is resolved in the post above yours.

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One reason to use a charge account card and NOT a debit card. Just for future reference, get everything (or as much as you can) in writing ahead of time. If they email you stuff, print it out, with names, time etc. Also tell them that no bills will be paid without an itemized statement first. That is the way DH handles these events, and he did many before he retired.

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