Recrown Chiminey

andrelaplume2July 22, 2008

I was told a year ago this needed to be done and had the guy out today. We do not use the fp much but the prior owner did. I guess, after 20 years it was too far gone to caulk.

It cost $405 for about 90 minutes work including labor and materials. There was a $55 surcharge for something called PWR that is suppose to make it waterproof for years. Neighbors are thinking I paid way to much. Did I get hosed?

He also wanted to sell me a $500 damper that opened and closed near the top of the chiminey via a chain. he said it was very efficient compared to the regular damper I had. He said it could also help with the gas logset smell we get when I close my regular damper. Any opions on this?

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It sounds like you might been overcharged, but not by that much, because you're paying for a presumably highly trained specialist. And of course contractors often offer costly extras that you may not need, but that will make them more money.

About the gas log smell: there are 2 kinds of gas logs -- vented and unvented. I think the unvented ones should be outlawed and are in fact code violations in many municipalties especially if used in a sleeping room because of the buildup of fumes and the consumption of indoor oxygen. With vented gas logs, the damper is fixed in an open position. You cannot close it.

If you have a "gas log smell" you may have a small gas leak. You should call your gas company and have them check out the system.

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Those are prices similar to what I was just quoted. Obviously things will vary depending on location, materials, etc.

I was recommended the chimney-top damper as well, but I assume because it's too hard to retrofit one in the firebox.

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If you have a gas fireplace where it is vented It would create a code violation to install a set top damper Where do these idiots come up with these suggestions? Hell if you forgot it was closed you could asphyxiate your family
As for the smell have you checked to see if in fact you damper was removed? Your chimney is cleaned no bird's nest built in it? and or have you checked for gas leaks?

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