Repointing Stone Chimney

LaurieJuly 19, 2012

I'm looking for general information on having my 97 year old stone chimney repointed. I'm in Northern New Jersey.

I was recently advised, when my fireplace was having work done on it, that within the next couple of years the chimney will need to be addressed.

It has obvious cracks in the masonry and I certainly do not want to wait until the stones are falling out as that will cost much more if the chimney will need to be rebuilt. I was quoted around $3-4K for the job, as it's time consuming, especially since it's stone, not brick.

Right now, it's stable.

The chimney company told me that it will not look quite like it does now when re-done, because they won't be able to match the color, being as old as it is, which does concern me. I have no experience in this, I've never seen a stone chimney rehabilitated before - only brick so I have no way to gauge what it will look like.

The stone, well I guess I would call it local "cobble" or river rock? Here's a couple of photos, not close up but it shows the foundation of the home which has the same stone, so maybe this will help.

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It's a large chimney and repointing is a tedious, labor intensive process, so the quoted price does not seem unreasonable. It may be worth getting some additional estimates but remember that a good repointing job requires carefully chipping away the old deteriorating mortar - this process is much more time consuming and difficult with stone than with brick - before new mortar is placed in the joints.

New mortar will be a lighter, unweathered color, but there are mortar colorants that should make the difference less obtrusive.

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Thanks for replying :)
Yes, they told me they could add color to the cement.
There are few chimney companies in my area which I would trust, this one is someone I've worked with before and was very happy with but I surely will call in at least 2 more just for comparison's sake.

One of my contractors has a mason that did work for me already (rebuilding front walkway brick steps), he was quite easy to work with. I suspect, however, he'll be more money as his quote for repairing my chimney box was more, but perhaps not.

I'd like to get it done within the coming year. I took a good look at it a couple of weeks ago, and while there is nothing falling off, nothing crumbly, etc. I don't like all the fine lines I see and better safe than sorry.

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Oop meant *firebox :)

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