How do I fix small cracks in a black chair?

saddenmoonFebruary 27, 2009

I have this wonderful leather chair with wooden arms. It is black. It has small to medium size cracks on the arms of it. I have tried to get furniture nic stuff to fill it in. But none of the colors are even close! They are all brown. Please help I don't know how to fix it. I need any and all cheap ideas ya'll got. Thanks

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Shellac sticks come in all colors - you heat the shellac stick until consistency of putty then fill crack - use hot knife to smooth surface before it dries (dries pretty quickly) - once dry can be polished to match luster of chair. Can purchase at woodworking supply, art supply and online - run @ $4 per stick - it's what restorers use to fill and color match cracks in furniture.

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Say some more about the "cracks" Are they scratches, alligatored finish, cracks in the wood, or something else?

While burn-in repairs are one solution (I do them nearly every day), they are not without a learning curve, and there may be better or easier solutions.

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