Pilot Light on Gas Fireplace - Keep it Lit Year Round?

lindproJuly 11, 2005

Should I be keeping my pilot light lit year round with my direct vent gas fireplace or can I turn it off during the warm months? I had it serviced last year and asked the same question from the technician and was told that it should remain lit in humid climates. What is the consensus here?

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I have a Fireplace Xtrordinair natural gas insert & I leave the pilot light on because:

1) The owner's manual recommends leaving it on;
2) In my part of the country, I never know when I might need it (even in the summer months); and,
3) To relight, the manufacturer says to first remove the glass front as a safety precaution in case there's a gas build-up that needs to escape, so it's just easier for me to just leave the pilot on year 'round -- don't think it uses that much gas or generates much heat.

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