Need No-Scam Credit Card/Debt Mgmt. Sites

katclaws_moMarch 15, 2009

Hello everyone,

Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a credit card/debt management site that is on the up & up, please?

I have been hearing of so many scams & people being taken advantage of, I am not sure who to trust. I've heard that there may be no fees or low fees, but I really don't know if that is true. Are non-profit .org's part of that group? Any advice or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. What was your experience working with these people, if any? TIA

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Hi scratch some mo,

There are non-profit Credit Counselling Centres in a number of areas - do you know if there is one near you?

If you don't know, ask some civic or municipal agencies, maybe Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, or some banks or credit unions, possibly some religious leaders whether they know of the presence of one.

Plus information that they may have as to how they operate, including their fees, as I'm pretty sure that they charge modest amounts for their services.

If you are under pressure, have you called your credit card agencies to ask whether they can reduce the interest rate that you're paying, etc.?

And if they've levied several penalties on your account, could they lower your amount owing?

You need someone who is quiet and courteous ... who can think rationally and quickly, knows what s/he wants and is quite persistent, able to change to another topic when receiving a definite turn-down on one issue, etc.

I hope that you can find an agency with integrity.

Good wishes for increasing skill at managing your income and assets (such as they are).

ole joyful

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Look on Dave Ramsey's website

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A link that might be useful:

Consumer Credit Counseling Services

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Call your bank or credit union. Most financial institutions keep legit credit counseling services on retainer for their customers. I've never seen a bank or credit union pass the cost on to their customers.

It's in the financial institution's best interest if their clients get help managing credit. So, they are more than willing to foot the bill for the service.

Be leery of services advertising on TV, etc. Many are scam operations.


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Thank you all for your suggestions & advice!
We have been working hard to reduce debt & pay off credit cards, but it seems like it is taking so long. Like so many people, how we got there doesn't matter. It's not like we drive fancy cars, have expensive jewelry, take exotic vacations, but things in life (trying to help some others--which was the right thing to do at the time-- got us here) I just want some peace of mind & this "monkey" off my back--permanently.
Thanks again for all your help & sincere replys ~~ katclaws

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Hi katclaws mo,

Quite a number of things in life are rather routine and somewhat boring - especially the things where the same thing goes on for a long time, and especially situations related to issues that are rather distasteful.

Good wishes for carrying on with the project without getting too bored or discouraged ... and certainly not distressed about it.

Trust me - the emotional payoff in the end is worth it. That sigh of relief when the last bill gets paid is worth all of the planning and privations!

Good wishes for increasing skill at managing your income and assets.

ole joyful

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Hi Katclaw~

I just wanted to say that I totally agree with Lindamarie. You should most definitely check out Dave Ramsey's site (link below). I honestly believe that through Dave Ramsey, God has TOTALLY changed our lives, saved our marriage and helped make our family's financial future brighter than ever. Now, while almost everyone else is looking around wondering what the heck they are possibly going to do, we are finally sitting back and breathing easy for the first time in our 18 1/2 years of marriage! It is such an incredible and liberating feeling! We are finally debt free except for our mortgage, which we just got last year when my husband finished building our dream home. However, we fully expect to have it paid off in just a few years!!

Dave has an awesome book called 'The Total Money Makeover'. It is available at Amazon, Wal*Mart and on Dave's site. It is a super easy read and it is the very first step toward finding your financial peace and freedom! Dave also has a program called 'Financial Peace University'. This is a life-changing 13-week program/class that teaches you how to make the right decisions with your money. In addition to teaching you so many amazing ways to financial freedom, Dave has many, many resources available to you on his website, including what you are specifically looking for at this time, financial counselors. Plus, if you are like me and the website looks a bit overwhelming, you can call them toll-free at 1-888-227-3223 and explain your situation. One of their counselors will be happy to help you get on the right track and show you how to handle those creditors. (Just remember, FOOD, SHELTER, TRANSPORTATION and CLOTHING must come FIRST! Everyone else can wait, including credit cards. If that dings your credit, then so be it, but those 4 things must come before anything.)

Also available through his website are what he refers to as 'Endorsed Local Providers' (ELPs). ELPs are providers such as Lenders, Real Estate Agents, CPAs, Insurance Agents, Tax Preparers, Attorneys, etc. who are all endorsed by Dave. They are only recommended after being very carefully screened by Dave and his staff. My husband and I have been very pleased with a couple of these who have been recommended to us. Remarkably, so far we have not had to pay one red cent for any of the advice they have provided! However, if we should need the type of service they provide in the future, we would not hesitate to use them or recommend them to our family and friends.

I hope and pray this has helped you, or someone else, in some way. I'm telling you, my husband finding Dave on the radio is the best thing that ever happened to our finances and to our marriage. Just try it! What do you have to lose???

Here is a link that might be useful: DAVE RAMSEY

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Hi Kat!

I totally, totally POD what Scarlet has written. Even though I lost my job in January, we will be debt free in about 2 months, and we've followed Dave's plan all the way through.

Good luck, and I hope you find what you're looking for! :)

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Thank you all again for your input! I will definitely be looking into the information & book by Dave Ramsey. I had never heard of him before this post.
Warmest Regards ~~ katclaws

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