Has anyone used Peacock Pavers inside?

Megan2525January 29, 2014

We are getting new flooring in our kitchen, dining room, 1/2 bath, and pantry (all one area). Right now we have unsealed slate. It's 21 years old, and it's so hard to keep clean! It's so dark now b/c it just absorbs all dirt. It is the highest traffic area in our home so whatever we put down has to be easy to clean.

Our decorator suggested Peacock Pavers. I absolutely love the look, but I'm worried about keeping them clean. I called the company, and the lady told me that the actual paver is not supposed to be grouted so the holes remain. She said the sealer absorbs in the paver so it keeps its rough appearance; it's not smooth like my sealed travertine. I have a hard time understanding how all these beautiful kitchens use them and keep them clean with holes in them and a concrete like texture!

I would love any feedback anyone has! If you have a better suggestion, I am up for that as well. Thank you!

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I had similar flooring in Mexico, and have seen it in AZ and NM. If you think slate is hard to keep clean, those pavers will take grime collection to new heights.

It is porous, and the sealant does not fill the pores, so they will collect crud you can't remove.

If easy to clean is a priority, look at the porcelain floor tiles that only LOOK like Mexican tiles.

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