Lodge cast iron grill/griddle questions?

klseiverdFebruary 10, 2012

Have a big, HEAVY, Lodge grill/griddle (covers 2 burners) that I found at a yard sale for a song. Sellers were getting rid of some "camping" stuff and I just hadda get it. It wasn't terrible crusty, but I clean it up and reseasoned.

Two problems. One, it's not the easiest thing to find a place to store. Two, I don't use it as often as I should. Last storage place was beside baking sheets, in between washer & dryer. Had to haul them all out of that area last night and discovered decent amount of rust on end that sat on floor. I know the rust was no BIG problem so just scrubbed it up with steel wool and lots of HOT water. Put it back on stove top to get rippin' hot before reseasoning. I think I'm gonna let it stay on stove top for a while to remind me to use it more often.

I know what each side is intended for, but wondering... do you use yours for things others might find a bit unusual?!? Have seen a CI skillet used UNDER another pan... for better heat distribution?? Maybe just cook in other pots/pan on TOP of grill/griddle?? I know CI is relatively indestructible, so not worried about damaging it.

ANy ideas??

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Congratulations on your score. Is your's reversible? Here is a previous discussion on the Cooking forum about grill/griddle. It might give you some ideas. I just use mine for basic grilling of meat on the grill side and making eggs, pancakes and french toast on the griddle side.

Here is a link that might be useful: reversible grill/griddle?

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It is reversible. I know I just don't use it enough?? Think that's the key to success with cast iron... use as often as possible. Have never used grill side... frankly, if I need that kinda space, I'll go out on deck to my "redneck" charcoal grill.

One of the posts in the link you recommended mention fear of heating CI too hot?!? I know you should never put it in water what it's screaming hot... warping or cracking possible... but kind doubt regular stove top use could damage it unless you totally forgot about it??

Want to find things to cook on it (other than pancakes, eggs & grilled cheese) that will only require a wipe with paper towels. Seriously thinking of just seeing what happens if I use grill as a "burner"??

Became reunited with "old-fashioned" CI a few years ago when I found 3 skillets at a yard sale... Lodge, Griswold, and some other name. After cleaning off years of CRUD and USING on a regular basis... I prefer to non-stick for eggs... no chasing eggs around and rarely broken yolks. Have to SERIOUSLY restrain myself form buying more pieces... unless something I don't have. Have a nice big round griddle pan that is slick as ice. Unusual pieces include a small Lodge, diamond-shaped skillet (makred 1-2 eggs on bottom) that perfect for a fried egg sandwich and an Abelskieber (that's not remotely close, is it) pan. Would REALLY like to find a DEEP "chicken fryer" some day. CI IS heavy! Think that turns many off from using it. Have much better results with CI than with NON-non-stick hard anodized Calphalon stuff??

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To you know what a "flat top" is...in a short order place?...A flat griddle to cook scrambled eggs, Philly cheese steak, frying onions, burgers, sausage, bacon....even a quick sautee for shrimp and a chops to allow a longer time in the oven.
Also makes flat breads, crumpets, english muffins....
Gee! Maybe I better get mine out!!
Linda CD

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My favorite use for this same piece of cookware is as a pizza stone. I think it's superior to actual pizza stones, plus, I end up with a pizza that'll always fit on a cutting board.

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I would use the griddle side for making quesadillas, tacos, or burritos or just to heat tortillas. With just a cast iron skillet or every a very large frying pan, I can only make one quesadilla or burrito at a time. You could also make several tortillas at once on a large griddle.


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