Stink from Direct Vent Gas Logs Insert

haus_proudJuly 6, 2009

When the weather turned warm, we shut of the pilot light in our Jotul DV gas insert to conserve fuel. We installed the unit just 2 heating seasons ago. As the warm months progressed we noticed a funky smell emanating from the fireplace. It is intermittent and most noticeable when it rains or is very hot and humid.

Just this morning, I decided to relight the pilot and then I turned on the gas for about 5-6 minutes. (Fortunely, the outside temp was only 68 degrees.) The glass fogged up and showed bubbles of liquid in spots, which the heat dried up in a short time.

I think the source of the odor problem is mold/mildew buildup in the close space inside the insert, or possbily in the duct that surrounds the bottom, rear and top of the firebox for the blower that distributes heated air into the room. I have decided to keep the pilot light on, even though it wastes some small amount of fuel and actually heats the room slightly. I hope this will solve the problem of that funky smell.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has a similar experience and wants to offer some further suggestions on the how to deal with the problem.

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