How to connect 100 gallon propane tank to grill

craig00July 4, 2008

I'm unsure which forum to post this question, but I have Silver model Weber with the usual 5 gallon propane tank. Just a few feet away I have a 100 gallon tank for my fireplace.

How would I go about putting a splitter on the larger tank and connecting a hose directly to the Weber?

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I have a similiar situation but plan to call someone to do it for me. The main reason is that it can be a safety issue if I did something wrong. Imagine what a gas leak near a flame near your 100 gallon tank would do...

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Presumably a T, a shut-off, and a quick-connect valve would do the trick.

As maxdel says, I would have a contractor do this unless you know what you're doing with gasfitting, which if you're asking this question I suspect you do not.

Check with your propane company--they may well do it for free since it means you'll be using more of their propane. It's certainly not a particularly involved job. I'm not a licensed plumber but I'd be more than comfortable doing this with water supply. Gas? Not so much.

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You would contact a licensed plumber or licensed propane company in your state. I added line to my backup generator & have 500 gal propane tank (buried) outside.

If anything happens to your house & you don't have this done by a professional & INSPECTED by your county building officals you could be SOL if anything happens..JMHO.

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