ding in glass screen for gas fireplace

flseadogJuly 12, 2009

Our Lennox gas fireplace has a glass screen that was apparently shoved against the points of the log grate when it was installed. One place has a ding in the glass where it was pressed against the grate. Should we be worried that this is a hazard similar to having a ding in a windshield? I want to call the builder to have them reposition the whole log assembly as it is easy to see that it is touching the glass screen and even if this touching is not a hazard it doesn't look right. But, while I'm making that request should I ask them to replace the screen or am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Or should I try just try to reposition the whole log assembly myself and not worry about the ding? Thanks for the help.

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I do not know if the ding will worsen, in which case you will have to replace the glass. Since it is brand new, your warranty should cover a replacement. You might want to discuss the matter with your installer -- the manufacturer's warranty should probably cover the cost, so it should not matter to the installer.

If the glass is touching the grate, there is definitely a risk that, when the grate gets hot, it will cause further damage to the glass.

If the ding is a tiny cosmetic defect, it might not be worth bothering to replace it, but you should definitely reposition the logs and/or grates so they do not touch the glass.

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Thank you, haus proud. This is definitely more than a cosmetic defect. It's obvious to me that when they installed it that just kept screwing the screen in after it met resistance rather than stopping and seeing what was causing the problem and repositioning the grate and logs. DH is going to talk to the builder tomorrow so I hope all of this comes out okay without a fight. I've had a windshield that shattered when I had a similar ding in it and I don't want to risk something bad happening especially when small children are around.

I'm interested in seeing if someone can give you an answer on your pilot light and mildew question. We are in Florida and another question I have had is about our pilot light which seems to be set on a very high setting with a visible flame. The glass screen also is always warm just from the pilot light. I was thinking we should just turn it off as you did to save energy but now it looks like I should rethink that idea. Maybe I can find some way just to turn it down. Good luck with your problem.

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GET THE GLASS REPLACED! One flaw in the glass can cause the whole piece to shatter. many times they shatter outward. Please get it taken care of! Also - gas fireplaces are HOT. they produce up to and over 30,000BTU's of heat. Do not let children play around and do not touch. Bad burns can result. If your pilot light is huge, you may need to have a qualified tech come and take a look. The air shutter may need adjusting. but if you don't know what you're doing and start adjusting things on your own, you may wind up with a black sooty mess on your hands.

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Thank you, all. The dealer was just here today. He said no question the glass needs to be replaced and is ordering it for us and will replace and install at no charge since his guys made the mistake. He also repositioned the grate and "log" assembly so we won't have this problem again. When he looked at the pilot light he said this was normal and invited us to visit his showroom to see the ones he has on display so I'm feeling better about this. Thanks again.

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