Leathercraft vs Classic leather, Jetton or other leather sofas?

dogbandFebruary 17, 2007

We spent 400 miles and trip to Hickory to determine a style we like-which we finally did, but have varying prices for similar products.

Leathercraft tightback sofa with coil springs in seats, gives firm seat and priced to us in the $3500 range. Classic leather with stuffed seats, very similar otherwise in the $2075 range.......a difference of $1500. Is Leathercraft that much better?

Also saw a Jetton for $3600, store said this was first class Mom/pop company that had been quietly doing high quality for 30+year.

Help......this is $3500, a chunk of change, and more importantly.....I don't want to buy another sofa.

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YES! They work to a higher standard, and are full of details that the average consumer does not see. I could write pages and pages on the differences, but that's your salesman's job to explain that to you. If he's not doing that....then he's not doing his job.

I am in the trade, and I have Leathercraft in my home.

FYI: Tightback sofas will always be more as they use an entire hide per section of tightback. You can't piece those up like you can with a box or panel cushion back.

Jetson brand I have no knowledge of. Classic is a nice line, but IMHO not at the level of Leathercraft.

Properly cared for, leather will go 4x longer than fabric. It would not be unreasonable to expect 30 - 40 years of good use on one. Keep them out of direct sunlight, and clean them at least 2x a year with appropriate leather cleaner.

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We are in the market for a new family room sofa. I would like to like to get a leather sofa, it is perfect in terms of durability for the family room. But my wife thinks they are cold and look like a car seat--neither of us have leather in our cars. Is there anything I can tell her that will convince her to reconsider?

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Sure! Don't look at cheap leather .

GOOD leather furniture is not cheap. You can't get a decent leather sofa for under $ 2,500. The stuff you see at Costco is pure garbage, made of reconstituted leather from China.

If you buy a nice hide on a sofa, its warm and inviting, but you have to be able to work that into the budget. All leather companies have Grade 1 leathers...as a teaser price. The good leathers start at Grade 2.

Selling points? Got kids? Leather cleans up easily (except for the expensive unprotected leathers), and will maintain its beauty FAR longer than fabric sofas. If you have dogs, the pet hair wipes right off as well.

Lasts longer (4x or more) and easier to keep looking nicer (and cleaner) than fabric. For my money, leather wins out every time for family rooms, and high use areas.

Good luck!

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Jetton is a small company based in NC which makes a good frame and uses coil springs for seating, seat backs and within the cushions. There was a recent complaint about the upholstery detail with a Jetton sofa so it maybe that there are some QC problems or perhaps they have grown a little too fast. Or it may have been a one off defect.

If you are considering a sofa in the $3,600 range, have you looked at Hancock & Moore?

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I showed her Leathercraft. I don't think leather sofas come any higher quality.

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We purchased a Jetton sofa and loveseat a couple of years ago (after I read John's recommendation). Overall we have been pleased but the pieces required rework for (1)a small bulge in the fabric on the lovesear due to a poor trim job - done on site (2)two pieces of fabric used for the rear of the sofa which resulted in a pattern mismatch - factory finally replaced with a single swatch (3) a noticeable gather on one sofa back due to tension in the fabric - this required two trips to the factory to fix. It took 3 trips back to fix because both the dealer and the manufacturer did not fully inspect the pieces before sending them back. I had to finally talk to the owner(s) and to their credit they did address my problems. I like the construction techniques used. One curious fact is that the dealer did not advertise the brand in their store. Although the wood furniture had the brand name prominently displayed, for the Jetton line, you didn't find out who made them till you asked. (I had owned Jetton before)

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Hi a year ago I purchased a hancock and moore lennon sofa with grade 4 leather and unfortunately spilled a little of yogurt on the cushion. I know, I know, such a couch is not a dining room! Any ideas on how to get out the stain? Also, how should I maintain the unprotected leather? Some time of leather conditioning? Please name brand names. Thanks for any suggestions on both issues!

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Has anyone ever heard of HomeElegance? I saw their Barcelona leather sofa that was gorgeous.

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For these prices I would go with Classic. They have a great reputation and a great name for themselves. While the other companies are far too expensive I had rather purchase a Vinyl sofa from a Discount store. At least then you know you have quality and not all the problems of returning something you give way too much money for. All of the companies use the same supplies so why pay more even Penny's and other Department Stores are getting into the mix and excellent prices. You can cut the middle man out and save a lot of money for a romantic night out like I did.

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Yes Hancock and Moore does have excellent quality pieces if I was buying a leather product I would definitely buy from them.

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Leathercraft makes a top notch product, one of the best in the industry. Classic makes a nice product as well but has a plywood frame whereas Leatherrcraft has a 5/4 hardwood frame. I would say that Leathercraft is comparable to a Mercedes Benz in quality.

Home Elegance is imported from China and has some nice looks.

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Leathercraft is made in the USA.... well not EXACTLY the hides come from ALL other parts and supplies even frames over the Earth, so your point Freethinker is completely not studied to well! If you want a true leather product look for reviews of different companies product that are not bias from someone on the inside such as Freethinker! Beware when you cannot make the same frame the same twice something is wrong unless it is coming from over seas something is WRONG!

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