harmon p61 pellet stove

freebird77July 1, 2007

Hi Just had a new Harmon p61 pellet stove installed.It has a wire with a room sensor on it, but right now the installer just left it rolled up on the floor behind the stove.Should this be extended out, possibly up along the wall for better operation? Would love to hear from any of you with a similar stove. Thank you

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My room probe is also coiled up behind the stove. It works great there. You probably don't want it on the floor as it tends to be cooler down there and might mislead about the actual room temp.
If you are motivated and handy you can run the probe to any point in your house using thermostat wire rules. General rule is not to put it on a floor lower than the stove is, put it about 3-5 feet off the floor, and not directly in front of where your stove blows air.
Hope this helps. Enjoy your new stove!

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I'm wondering how you like your p61, I am thinking of getting one.

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It works ok for you there? You dont think it causes the stove to run more then it should seeing its cooler down there on the floor? I havent used mine yet since it was just installed last week. Also, do you have auto ignition?

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