Re:Beware GE Money Bank/GEMB

molly22March 29, 2010

Their customer service is TERRIBLE and they are unethical. They changed the terms of a special promotion without any reason (been paying on this faithfully for almost 3 years) and increased my minimum payment by 25%. When I called to resolve the problem and put the payment amount back to where it was (per our CONTRACT)they insisted that I had been notified (NO I had NOT)then put me on hold for a grand total of 2 hours with incredibly obnoxious loud and distorted music designed to make me hang up in self-defense. I did NOT hang up but never got anyone to explain to me why my payments went up nor would they reduce the payment to our original agreed upon amount. I also believe that I NEVER spoke to any supervisors (though I insisted on being put through to a supervisor or someone who could do something about this) and truly believe they put me on hold, put the phone down and probably went to lunch while I waited. I will never purchase anything again that uses GE MoneyBank as their lender and now I am going to go check my Sam's card and if GE MoneyBank is on my card, I will work tons of overtime to pay them off and get rid of that card too. I am DONE!!! Going to contact the Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau and anyone else who will listen to my tirade. By the way, I contacted the company (Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems)that used GE MoneyBank as their lender and they disclaim any responsibility for the actions of GE MoneyBank...even though the Brayant logo is on the payment web site. I won't buy anything from them again either if they use GE Money Bank.

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this is no surprise. they are trying to keep whatever money they can find! thanks for the heads up!

Here is a link that might be useful: modern design

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