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PwdrhdutJuly 7, 2005

In a recent (last 2-3 months) Sunset Magazine there was a photo of a round woodstove. It even had wood storage in it's base. I saw it at work and now the magazine has disappeared.

If you subscribe to Sunset could you check to see if they list a manufacture for the stove? If anyone knows of a round woodstove, let me know! I did a search on Google and couldn't find anything.



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This was most likely an import. There are some semi-round ones from a swedish company, I believe. I have not researched this for you. "Round" could mean many things to many people, but I think I know what you are speaking of.

Try your search again, but this time for all woodstoves/wood heaters made in the world/imported. It's all about searching using the right keyword(s). The word "round" isn't going to do it.

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Check out this site, it may have what you are looking for. There are also a couple other brands that are similar, but in researching these for awhile, this brand seems to have the most options.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rais Wittus

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Thank you SOOO much iinsic! Not surprising, there are no dealers in Salt Lake City. May be a good excuse to head to Jackson Hole to pick one up though!


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Good luck with your search. You may also wish to go to They have links to Morso and "Scan" stoves, which I believe are a little less pricey than the Rais.

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I think iinsinc found what you were looking for, Pwdrhdut. On page 118 of the May 2005 issue of Sunset is a picture of a Rais stove as you described it. The article is titled "Open door policy", about a remodeling project for a home in Los Angeles.

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