vented log set with outside air and sealed door - pipe dream?

amerphyJuly 8, 2010

I am building a new house and having a lot of problems with the fireplace selection for the dining room. The heat is not the primary objective but good looks and air quality - are.

The house is being built fairly airtight so vent-less is not an option at all. Vented gas log set within traditional wood burning firebox sort of work, but people suggested to me that turning on a 1000cfm range hood can pull the bad stuff into the house unless fireplace is sealed off.

Natural choice should be a direct-vent gas fireplace, however most of the units I found were pretty large and put out a lot of heat. I can't imagine sitting anywhere within 5' of those things. There are some smaller units (less then 30k btu) but they don't look good to me. Vented gas logs on the other hand look fantastic!

I have searched, in vain, for a firebox that can be used with a gas log set, vented outside and that either comes with or can be fitted with a gasket-type locking sealed door.

I found a nice wood burning fireplace - BIS Tradition ( which has everything except it does not work with gas logs. Other BIS types they offer work with logs but do not offer airtight combustion chamber. Its like a conspiracy or something.

Maybe one of the resident experts can suggest something before I go mad.

Thanks a lot.

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As far as I know you can't put a gas log set in a sealed firebox, at least you can't in AZ. A good option that we do down here is to install a wood burning f/p with a gas log set. There are some nice wood fireboxes and some really nice log sets that look like the real thing. Most wood fireplaces bring in outside air to burn and you shouldn't have any kind of smell.

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